Top 15 TV Shows to Watch Right Now

With an increased variety of streaming services and devices available, the demand for more TV shows has also increased. The choices of what to watch are seemingly endless; there are genres catering to anyone’s mood of the moment. However, with so many choices, many users fall into the endless scrolling ‘paralysis’ and end up never finding their show. Narrowing it down to a few of the best TV shows might help, below is a selection of 15 series to watch right now (including their genre).

1. The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix adaptation)

Genre: Pre-teen, Comedy, Drama

The Baby-Sitters Club TV show is based on the children’s book similarly titled, and the Netflix adaptation is from the original 1990 HBO series. It takes place in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. After realizing her mother can’t find a sitter, Kristy decides to start a babysitting business. She calls on her best friends and together they form the Baby-Sitters Club. As heartfelt as this show appears to be, depicting the novelty of a group of friends starting their own club, it also addresses life issues faced by pre-teen girls, making watching it fun and relatable.

2. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

Genre: Comedy, Adult Animation

BoJack Horseman could be considered deadpan and cynical with a twist of comedy bordering on tragedy. Although this seems to be a turn off if you’re just in the mood for an animation and comedy, the show still delivers. Set in Hollywood, BoJack is an anthropomorphized horse and old 1990s sitcom star from ‘Horsin’ Around’. He wants to make a comeback – to get back on that horse, so to speak, he plans to write an autobiography, but in his attempt he struggles with addiction, alcohol, depression and other issues.

3. Cheer

Genre: Sports, Teen, Docuseries

Cheer shines a spotlight on five members from the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team and what it takes to be a cheerleader, especially for a team that competes and wins on a National level. As the team aims for the annual National Cheerleading Championship, head coach Monica Aldama needs to make some decisions about who will qualify for the team. Amidst competition prep the team must do a balancing act between dealing with nerves, injuries, conflict, and keeping up to date with school and home life. 

4. City So Real (Nat Geo TV)

Genre: Documentary

Directed by Steve James, City So Real is a five-part documentary miniseries based in Chicago. It tells the story about the mayoral elections from 2019, as well as the social and political lives of the candidates. Following the mayoral elections, the impact left by George Floyd’s murder, and the protrayal of people navigating through real socio-economic issues in society right now, Steve James takes the viewers on a journey through recent events that will have a place in history books to come.

5. Dead to Me (Netflix)

Genre: Drama, Comedy

With two seasons under its belt, Dead to Me follows the forming friendship of two women grieving over the loss of their husband and fiancé. Starring Christina Applegate as Jen and Linda Cardellini as Judy, the two main characters meet at a grief support group. Jen tries to find resolution in her mourning amidst trying to find the hit-and-run driver who killed her husband and Judy is not being completely honest about who she is.  

6. The Good Fight (CBS All Access)

Genre: Drama, Political, Legal 

The Good Fight is on its fourth season thus far, and it’s had a good run. It follows the main character Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, who lost her job and savings from a financial scam and joined one of the best law firms in Chicago. The show explores various real-world political issues and Season 4 explores a political landscape that touches on the realities of the US Elections.

7. How To with John Wilson (HBO)

Genre: Docuseries, Comedy

How To with John Wilson is a new docuseries written, directed, and presented by John Wilson himself. As a filmmaker, and New Yorker, he explores the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while simultaneously exploring who he is in the process. This series is 6 episodes long, each showing Wilson’s wanderings in the city and his curiosity for solving unique sorts of problems like covering your furniture.   

8. I May Destroy You (HBO)

Genre: Drama

Arabella is a socialite among her peers and her European lifestyle mirrors this. She lives in London, her boyfriend is in Italy, and she is working on her second book (her first book being ‘Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial’). As she takes some time away from her work and goes out with her friends she is caught in the darker side of the socialite world when her drink gets spiked. This show touches on some dark truths about sexual assault. 

9. Lenox Hill (Netflix)

Genre: Docuseries, Reality TV, Medical 

Lenox Hill follows four doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital. Coming from different medical fields, OB-GYN, neurosurgery, and ER, each doctor has their own set of patients and challenges to deal with. This series explores the intricacies of what it’s like being a doctor and trying to maintain a personal life in the process.

10. Little America (Apple TV)

Genre: Anthology

Little America is an anthology series following the lives of immigrants in America. With 8 episodes in the series, each one focuses on a specific character and what he/she experiences while living in the United States under the, often challenging, identity as an immigrant.

11. Mrs. America (Hulu)

Genre: Drama, Historical

Mrs. America is a mini-series with nine episodes, it explores the historical events that lead Phyllis Schlafly to prevent the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the upheaval caused by it. Cate Blanchett portrays Phyllis Schlafly, a lawyer, activist, and founder of the ‘STOP ERA’ campaign. This series touches on cultural issues prevalent in the 1970s, especially women fighting for their place in the world.   

12. Normal People (BBC and Hulu)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Normal People is based on Sally Rooney’s novel similarly titled. It’s an Irish-based series following the two main characters, Marianne and Connell, and their intertwined relationship. The two are students at secondary school, and later undergraduates at Trinity College in Dublin, but throughout their school years they come to terms with the progression of their friendship as it evolves into romance. They encounter numerous twists and turns along the way from family dynamics to old lovers. 

13. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Genre: Drama

Set in the 1950s, Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy, is the lead in this miniseries adapted from Walter Tevis’s book similarly titled. As Beth works her way up the ranks of becoming the best chess player in the world, she also sits with the reality of being an orphan and addict. 

14. Unorthodox (Netflix)

Genre: Drama

This four episode miniseries follows Esty’s flee to freedom. After her arranged marriage at 19 years old, she feels trapped by the orthodox nature of her Jewish community and she decides to skip countries and go to Berlin. As she discovers a whole new life, she is soon revisited by the past and needs to make some hard decisions and powerful steps forward to hold on to her new life. 

15. What We Do in the Shadows (FX)

Genre: Mockumentary, Horror, Comedy

With a third season coming up, What We Do in the Shadows, based in Staten Island, gives a fresh perspective on the inner lives and dynamics of four roommates as they navigate through their nightly lives of being vampires dealing with human problems like rent and otherworldly problems like witches, hypnotism, and vampire hunters. 

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