Tokyo Olympics bans spectators amid rising COVID-19 cases

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New York Daily News

Fans will be banned from all Olympic venues, the Olympic minister announced Thursday after Tokyo declared a state of emergency due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. The Games, delayed a year and scheduled to open July 23 and close Aug. 8, were already to be held without foreign fans, but even local spectators will be barred now, officials said. Seiko Hashimoto, of the Japanese Olympic Committee, called it “a very heavy judgement,” but said they have “no choice but to hold the Games in a limited way.” Hashimoto also called the decision “regrettable” and apologized to fans who had already bought ti…

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Japanese Superfoods: Kinako

Published by Savvy Tokyo “Just another food-based confirmation of choosing to become a Japan-dweller!” I was first introduced to my love kinako (soybean flour), smothered

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