These are the major players in the CBD industry

With CBD taking off, many consumers ask: Where can I buy the best CBD? Investors ask: Which are the best companies to invest in if we want to play the trend or make an acquisition. Below are the movers and shakers of the industry:



One of the leading brands in the CBD oil industry today is Hempworx and they are dealing with all the many issues relating to CBD by maintaining a policy of transparency. There is no secrets as to how they operate their business and neither do they have any problems to tell people exactly where they get their sources from. Their two primary products is HempWorx 750 and HempWorx 500 and something which is noteworthy regarding this company is the fact that they provide users with specific dosing guidelines so that people know exactly how much CBD oil to use for their specific medical condition. They sell a completely legal product which contains very little THC and is therefore legal in most places on the planet.

Terravidaonline and IHP:

Together, Terravidaonline and IHP are the dominant players in CBD wholesale. Many of the top brands in the US are supplied by them – with CBD isolate and raw materials required to produce non-GMO certified CBD. They command an end to end supply chain, covering farming, product development, white-labelling, the largest CBD affiliate network for internet marketers – and one of the widest product ranges to be sold globally. Edmon Mamane, the CEO of Terravidaonline is well known in the media, with Doctors from all over recommending his products exclusively to their patients. He takes a frontline position against the use of harmful pesticides and produces pure, potent CBD. Their company is known for producing the strongest CBD – a 5000MG product that is considered “The gold standard” by many.

Bluebird Botanicals


This is a highly reputable company which is providing users with high potency products at very competitive prices. One can expect to pay $0.08 per mg at Bluebird Botanicals which is significantly cheaper than the prices which is charged by other companies. This company has been active in the industry for a long time and it has always been completely transparent about all third-party tests which has been conducted on their products. It is exactly because of this responsible approach to business that consumer reviews regarding Bluebird Botanicals is mostly extremely positive. Until better regulations has been implemented it is comforting to know that there are reputable businesses that are serious about customer service and accountability.



Elixinol Global is a company which has been founded in 2014 and it has its headquarters in Australia where it is involved in the manufacturing and also the distribution of skincare products and dietary supplements which has been manufactured from hemp. Elixinol has started to trade on the Australian Stock exchange since January 2018 and it has seen rapid growth and it has now reached a market cap of just below $300 million. The company has three major business interests and the first is focusing on the Australian medicinal cannabis market. The second deals with CBD supplements and is based in Colorado while the 3rd is a hemp food business operating in Australia.



Hemplucid uses a whole-plant formulation for all of their CBD products and this involves using the entire hemp plant during the extraction process. This ensures that the oils which is collected by Hemplucid include all of the natural ingredients which is found in a natural hemp plant. These natural ingredients include terpenes, minerals, phytocannabinoids, vitamins and phytonutrients and because of this complete spectrum total therapeutic efficiency is obtained. This can be truly helpful when the body needs a boost to recover from serious injury or sickness and this is why consumers will do well to remember the name of this company.



CBDistilery prides itself on the fact that it is able to provide a comprehensive service to people living in all 50 states of the US. Therefore regardless of where people my stay they will have access to CBD oil products as well as Cannabidiol which can be used for a wide variety of illnesses and there is no need for a doctor’s prescription. One of the things guaranteed by CBDistilery is complete wellness of mind and body and people also experience relief from a wide variety of ailments, pain and inflammation. These CBD products are available in a wide variety of dosages such as capsules, CBD oil and also as cream.

Zilis Ultra Cell


This reputable company is in the process of expanding their UltraCell Product Line because they are now launching UltraBurn Full Spectrum Weight Loss Support something which will certainly be welcomed by people struggling with obesity. This company has been one of the most active operators in the rapidly expanding CBD industry and therefore this innovation is no surprise. Its new product is specifically targeting the endocannabinoid system and they do this by making use of cutting-edge Mimetix™ technology. This product is currently leading the market and it is now the only ESC support-based weight loss product available to consumers.

Sagely Naturals


Products from this company is widely available and it can be found in stores like Neiman Marcus and also Erewhon. Many retail businesses are now entering the CBD Market because of the healthy demand which exist for these products and therefore they are providing a safe distribution center where consumers can do their purchases in safety and comfort knowing that the products will be of a very high quality and therefore unlikely to cause health problems. There were times when cannabis purchases had to be made in very unsafe conditions and the distributors of those products were ruling the market but that danger element has now been removed and Sagely is proud to be part of those changes.



Endoca has one primary objective and that is to provide consumers with the unleashed power of nature in every single drop of CBD oil coming out of their manufacturing plant. There products come in two forms such as capsules and also hemp oil and all of this products is available in different concentrations depending on the specific need of the consumer. Furthermore Endoca will do free deliveries on all purchases of more than $100. Endoca is committed to provide consumers with only the purest and also the finest quality of CBD oils. These products have been reported to provide welcome relief for a wide variety of ailments and it is also been reported to speed up recovery from injuries.

Dr. Deepa Verma from Synergistic Health on CBD:




Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and in ancient times it has been widely used because of its medicinal properties. It is only in the last century that a lot of criticism has emerged as research has uncovered a whole range of negative facts regarding cannabis. However despite all of these negativity people have continued to use cannabis even though it was outlawed. Now that the product is legalized it certainly provides the consumer with better protection and it is certain that consumers will only purchase high-quality products at competitive prices and this will force suppliers and distributors to ensure that they are producing only the highest quality products.