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These are the latest lead generation tips marketers use

Marketers know that they constantly need to improve how they entice people to click on their digital ads by using continually changing their tactics in clever ways. Luckily, the internet is multilayered and allows marketer many options for increasing lead generation.

E-mail marketing is still the most effective

For over twenty years now, email marketing has remained the best way to generate leads. However, the approach needs to be smart, creative and personalized and tailor made in such a way that it is acceptable to the various target groups.

Remember, automated email marketing requires the right tools in the form of an email marketing platform. Use the following effective email tactics to generate leads:

Not all audiences are the same

To appeal to everyone approached sent emails need to target each separate group within an individually.

Newsletters are more engaging

Plain text can be extremely boring and emails sent as newsletters generate more leads.

Websites are ideal places to get email subscribers

Visitors to a webpage can be urged to subscribe for a service or updates with a strategically placed email form that is easy to complete.

Multiple web directory listings

Having multiple directory listings is like money in the bank. These listings can sit on top directory websites for many years and generate a steady flow of inquiries. This is because directories help search engines to find that missing needle in a haystack, especially in niche services and products. You can think of it as a passive revenue generator for most businesses.

SEO audits can show the way

Some SEO tools can run express audits that show marketers where there are issues that can be rectified on a website and where things are going well. This is important for a website’s rankings, and the higher the ranking the better lead generation will be.

Accomplishments need to be shared

Showing off all the successes of a business allows it to get noticed and creates trust for the brand. This can be included into a website in the form of an article or a YouTube video or by sending out a newsletter in an email to existing subscribers. It is indeed a form of social proof.

SEO is an invaluable leads tool

A website can be optimized for search engines and to also attract users and this can be done by:

  • Building links that have high authority from other sites.
  • Use of descriptive keywords that resolve the users search intent.
  • Offering first-class user experience from any device.

This entails that the marketer understands the target audience well enough to offer an answer to their needs, whether this is a question or product they are searching for. All this will determine the content and needs to include optimized content for local or regional searches.

Well-designed landing pages lead to conversions

This is where A/B testing is required, where several pages are tested to find which one offers the best results. The aim is to create a webpage that showcases the products or services effectively, and the link to the webpage must be shared in emails and all other resources available.

It often sounds easier than it is, but practice makes perfect. SEO and paid advertising are useful tools that offer visibility to landing pages, which converts to leads.

Going forward

Re-targeting leads, exit intent pop-ups, personalized calls-to-action, customer chats, positive reviews and testimonials, and promotions and cross promotions are some also some clever tips offered by marketers for great lead generation.

Making use of a combination of tactics as opposed to one single magic bullet, is the preferred approach. This shields the business against rapid changes and provides an opportunity to test lead acquisition at different price points, in other words: constantly testing the ROI across channels.



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