The Wanderer Maddie Morrison Shares How Traveling has Influenced her Content

The travel bug has definitely hit blogger Maddie Morrison who tells us how travel influences what she shares on her popular Instagram page and how it has changed her view on life and what content she shares.

Maddie Morrison is a young travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who shares her experiences on Instagram (@maddie_morrison) to almost 20,000 followers. The vivacious blogger was born in New Zealand and continues to love the country where she was raised and still lives, although traveling is a constant part of her life and a big feature on her page. 

The ambitious blogger has determination and would like to run her own business one day and support local causes. To her, the latter is important. She admires celebrities and people with influence who use that influence to raise awareness of global challenges. There is no doubt that her traveling has exposed her to problems that are not unique to her country, or to any country. 

Her travels have taught her that there is beauty to be found everywhere, and one only has to be willing to see it. Maddie, however, goes one step further: she shares it with others. 

Where are all the places she’s explored? 

Maddie loves many of the cities in Europe and has traveled to popular destination countries like Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Greece, and Netherlands within the European Union. Beyond the EU, she has also discovered different cities in Canada, The United States, Hawaii and Russia and has found something to admire in every location.  

Her photos of these beautiful destinations show her true appreciation of them. The photos are artistically intriguing, and her videos of her experience in the cities really show her fun spirit. There can be no doubt to her true enjoyment of the locations and that is often mirrored in the viewer – however far they may be. 

This is a talent that manifested at an early age when she won a Photography award at the Photographic Society of New Zealand in 2013. One of her photos, “Shadows,” was used on the cover of the exhibition booklet. This was a distinct honor for young Maddie at the time because it was only the second time a junior photographer had ever been given the honor. 

How has traveling inspired her content and her view on life? 

According to Maddie, traveling broadens horizons and really opens one’s eyes to what surrounds us: “I love traveling the world and would like to do so more because I love learning about different cultures and seeing different places. In every city, I learn more about myself as I learn more about others. It is something that no-one can ever take away from me and an experience I hope my followers can take to heart.”

She is a blogger who shares content that is authentic, and so too the experiences of her travel are shown in a very real way. She believes that success in blogging lies in simply being yourself; it’s important to go at your own pace and not to compare yourself to others because there is no-one that can produce content that you can. Each person is unique and so too every blog should show that authenticity. 

Do what makes you happy! This is her advice to others, and we see this on her page with the joy she shares with followers as she explores places she’s never been to and learns things that she has never been taught and could only really learn in that place at that time. 

Where to next?

Although unable to travel at present, there is little doubt that once able she’ll traverse the world again and take followers with her. Until that time, she is still active on Instagram and focusing on lifestyle in her work with popular brands like Luxe Fitness, Freedom Couture, and Fitazfk. 

To her the most rewarding part of blogging lies in how in sharing something of herself, she can develop relationships with others who resonate with her content:  “I think the connections you make with people are incredible beyond words. I love seeing people supporting others – it’s so cool to be able to connect with people globally and for everyone to be able to express themselves in the way that they want to.”

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