The virtual idols industry stimulates the developments of AI virtual humans

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In recent years, the virtual idol with no defects, no aging, and always full of vitality is occupying people’s live streaming screens and becoming the new traffic in the digital age. Virtual idol refers to the digital characters produced through virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, motion capture, real-time rendering, and other technical means.

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Virtual idols flood into the real world, ushering in a new era

Compared with the real idol, the virtual idol has a beautiful appearance and a sweet voice. Compared with the real anchor, the virtual image separates the “two-dimensional” image on the screen from the “three-dimensional” real person behind the screen, so that the audience can meet the aesthetic needs, but also have a safe and comfortable haven emotionally.

To some extent, virtual idols are some kind of integrated expression of youth culture in the digital age. The virtual idol is a specific product of idol culture in the digital age. A virtual or semi-virtual image carries the characteristics and emotional values of an idol in the traditional sense.

For generation Z of the network generation, the boundary between virtual, real, online, and offline is not clear. The network and digital platform are the most familiar practice fields, and the two-dimensional culture is also the familiar culture type of Generation Z in the growth process of the network generation.

With artificial intelligence intelligent animation content production technology and live electricity, the short video content industry has explosive growth, in addition to the “avatar +” personal live combination, the virtual image has become many MCN institutions and entertainment companies in the Red Sea live open new track, the name of the virtual idol is known to more and more people.

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Entrepreneurs layout in virtual idol

The virtual idol is regarded as an important means and way to dig for the two-dimensional economy. Subsequently, the giant enterprise of the virtual idol increased. NVIDIA (NVDA) provides a lot of convenience in virtual human collaboration and rendering. NVIDIA Omniverse can render high-fidelity and physically accurate results in real-time, which is greatly shortened compared to the previous rendering time of dozens of hours in film and television production.

Tencent (TCEHY) Games announced the plan to create the “Diao Chan” idol, while NetEase (NTES) launched the “Ping An Beijing Idol Project” for Onmyoji, which customized a virtual concert for the character “Big Sky Dog” in Onmyoji. Compared with Tencent, Netease, and their games are closely tied, Bilibili (BILI) seems to be more “focused”, holding the virtual idol “Luo Tianyi” the parent company of Hong Kong, and launching five virtual idols.

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In addition, the leading AI vision enterprise WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has continued to lead the way in cutting-edge technologies such as content, XR, and digital technology for virtual people for several years based on deep technology accumulation and business practice experience. WiMi Hologram Cloud Through the research and development of advanced 3D real-time rendering, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other technologies, create a rich application scene and new visual experience, to show the industry partners the broad application prospects of virtual people in radio and television media, cultural tourism digital pavilion, government smart city, and other fields.

It is reported that WiMi Hologram Cloud is equipped with an industry-leading virtual digital human interaction system, large language model, multi-modal perception, and other technologies, providing virtual digital people with visual, auditory, and language capabilities, so that virtual digital people can communicate, understand and think like human beings. In addition, the AI + 3D three-dimensional form presents multi-emotion, multi-perception, and realistic characteristics, so that virtual digital people can interact “face to face” like real people, just as human beings generally express their inner feelings and thinking through language.

It is worth noting that to consider how to model the scene of virtual digital people to provide a more realistic and vivid virtual experience,

WiMi Hologram Cloud The R & D team has developed the virtual digital human scene modeling technology based on 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technologies. The virtual digital human scene modeling technology developed by it will become a technology trend with broad prospects in the future, which has huge application potential and will also bring more commercial value and development opportunities for the application field of virtual digital humans, and enable the innovative development of the digital economy.

To sum up

China’s digital economy is in a stage of rapid development and has become a new driving force for economic growth. On the contrary, the popularity of virtual human images is the projection of the rapid development of the digital economy, and the market space of its economy is huge. The progress of science and technology constantly promotes the forefront of the field of virtual people, The virtual human personality and final form is complex and remains to be explored, but with the progress of technology and the change of society, predictably, shortly, virtual people will become human digital partners in the universe, or live with us in the physical world.