The University of Utah has released AR contact lenses; A new round of AR innovation comes to the era

Polarized Sunglasses


For now, the potential use of AR smart contact lenses is striking and diverse, such as health indicators such as monitoring blood glucose levels, receiving targeted drug delivery for eye diseases, and AR augmented reality.

A team from the University of Utah said they have developed a better solution: an all-in-one hybrid power generator, designed specifically for eye-based technology: photovoltaic + metal-air cells, an exciting development in the field of AR smart contact lenses.

A “huge recovery” is coming

Under the new wave of technological revolution, AR / VR is accelerating the upgrade to the next generation of mobile computing platform with new interactive experience, wider application scenarios and spatial computing power. In this process, the application of VR / AR was further iterated, and many manufacturers’ new products shone brilliantly. The launch of Apple Vision Pro brought a “highlight moment” to the industry, which was of great significance.

IDC points out that 2024 is the year of a “huge recovery” for AR / VR. IDC predicts that VR / AR device shipments are expected to grow by 46.4% in 2024, with CAGR growth of 37.2% in 2023 and 2027, and global shipments of 28.6 million units by 2027, with the VR / AR market showing a strong recovery and growth trend.

Need to pay attention to, in this VR / AR symbiotic ecology, AR industry has also gradually formed. With the continuous progress of technology, all kinds of AR technologies will be implemented in short, medium and long term, operating systems and chips will move towards specialization, and optical devices and micro display will strive to achieve the perfect combination of high performance and low power consumption; perceptual interaction will develop to intelligent operation and immersive experience, content production will become more and more rich, cross-platform compatibility will continue to improve; 5G and 6G network transmission will focus on optimizing user experience and pursue the non-free and high-definition transmission effect.

In the development path of AR technology, we can clearly see that specialization, high performance, low power consumption and immersion are becoming the dominant direction. In contrast, in terms of consumer application scenarios, large-screen viewing and game entertainment attract much attention due to their high landing value and high technology maturity, which can bring considerable commercial income to manufacturers; although the technology maturity of shopping, information prompt and smart office is slightly lower, the landing value of AR smart office and information prompt is worth looking forward to.

WiMi AR New business forms will bring new experiences

The enthusiasm from the market is bringing many enterprises into the AR field. It is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has long been concerned about and layout the research and development in the field of AR, in holographic AR, light field vision, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technology paths are layout, with the ability of one-stop innovative solutions. At the same time, WiMi will continue to maintain strategic and precise investment in AR business, maintain close cooperation with international well-known technology companies, and work together to break through the technical difficulties of consumer AR equipment.

AR track is ready to go, WiMi forward insight that AR will become the development target of the next generation of intelligent platform, and actively explore the application of AR technology. In addition, WiMi constantly innovating, to build more new AR equipment, and to AR equipment plus large model driven AI technology, from the key components, hardware equipment to calculate force, algorithm to AI technology have profound accumulation, on the basis of continuously upgrading innovation, for WiMiAR development provides continuous power and guarantee.

At present, with digital technology as the core, in terms of application, AR technology is showing significant application value in the field of industry and education., WiMi actively embrace the wave of emerging technology, adhere to foster new forms, stimulate consumption vitality, promote the development of integration, promote the AR and the depth of the fusion, the digital technology and brigade industry depth fusion, speed up the formation of booster brigade industry development of new quality productivity, foster new forms, new patterns, new consumption.


To sum up

The renewed growth potential of AR track is not only the new product experience brought by manufacturers to users, but also its empowerment to the digital upgrade of thousands of industries. Nowadays, the whole industry chain is moving, and capital and startups are betting on this, and these lively market voices, to a large extent, manufacturers believe that AR products may be another future that can carry huge user scenarios and business potential after smart phones. I believe that in the future, with the continuous development of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, AR technology will play a more important role in all industries and bring more innovation and convenience to the industry and consumers.