The Top Health Tech and Gadgets in 2019

Care about your health? Let these gadgets help you

The latest tech gadgets that support health are rather innovative. Given the importance of taking care of our health, we decided to compile a list of top health-related devices. There is literally an app for everyone: It doesn’t matter if you are not too health conscious or if you are the type that is obsessed about fitness, it may even be that you are just looking for methods to whip yourself back to fitness. There is always a device that can help you achieve that. Want proof that people are becoming more health conscious? The consumer market is now spending $14 Billion annually on specific digital health devices.

Now lets consider the top health tech devices in 2019, where we will be focusing on gadgets that aid the improvement of health and fitness, ( including devices for tracking it like fitness trackers and smartwatches).

Halo Sport headphones

Hold your guns, I know what you are thinking. What does a Headphone have to do with improving fitness? Allow me to introduce to you the Halo Sports headphones, it is designed to improve your brain natural plasticity by means of a mild electric field applied to your motor cortex.


Halo make use of a Neuropriming tech to induce a state of “hyperplasticity”. This is obviously because training in a state of hyperplasticity improves the brain’s usual fine-tuning process, which translates to better results during training.

Basically, what the headphone does is speeding up learning process or acquisition of skills, contribute to effective movement (decreasing the energy expended during exercise and the size of the load), all these translate to more effective training, less physically exerting training regime to achieve better results.


Withings Thermo

Withings is taking a thermometer to a whole new level, introducing an IOT thermometer which enables you to track your fever. The Withings thermo is connected to your Withings Health account via an app just like the Body Cardio scales, in doing so it keeps tracks of your temperature over a period of time.

Coupled with 16 infrared sensors that take 4,000 measurements, its accuracy is on another level for people that are sick.

BeWellConnect MyTens 

This is a wireless electrostimulation gadget that you put on to evade muscle fatigue as well as find temporary relief from discomfort and pain whenever it is needed. This device is fitted with two electrodes with pads that stick to the skin, making sure the gadget doesn’t fall while it is delivering the TENS program through a connected MyTens Mobile application. The application gives you an option to choose between 19 settings and suggests electrode placements that relate to your problem part of the body. Switch it on then the stimulation start running between the electrodes, aiming for your nerve and muscle tissue depending on the setting you choose.

According to the name, MyTens, it makes use of the TENS technology which means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The technology uses the low-voltage current to overpower the pain receptors, this is different from EMS. As the pain nerves are very slow in responding to stimuli compared to the touch nerves, therefore when you injure yourself, that split second between noticing the skin cut and feeling pain. BeWellConnect electrically stimulates your touch nerves, so that you won’t feel the pain as you would if you don’t use stimulation.


If you have ever experienced chronic pain or are in chronic pain, or maybe you know someone who has it. Then you should know how uncomfortable it can be. Here is the good news, there is a new completely wearable device that is a drug-free (especially if you are the type that doesn’t like drugs) option to painkiller drugs.

I give you PainPod, an FDA listed device that claims the ability to “change the face of medicine as we know it today”. The device uses a combination of biomedical technology and microcurrents which its manufacturer claims is not on any other gadgets available in the market as we speak. This wondrous device has the ability to understand how our peripheral nervous and body systems work to handle pain, performance improvement, and fast recovery. All you have to do is place it on the pain area and it will do its job of getting you back into good shape.


SixPad EMS abs belt 

In recent memory, abs toning belts have not enjoyed a good reputation partly due to a series of infomercials that offer to give you visible six pad abs in a set period of time. On the other hand, Sixpad is bringing something different to the table as it is not claiming to give you any six-pack abs. Although the brand makes use of Cristiano Ronaldo as its brand face, it is quite clear CR7 (as he is fondly called) six-pack did not come from just using the gadget.

In the actual sense, Sixpad is a supplementary tool, so if you are looking for a lazy way to get those abs, don’t even bother to try. The technology behind the device is scientifically proven to improve conditioning and increase strength. The device can also function as physical therapy in preventing sports injury and during rehabilitation.



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