The Top Cloud Computing Companies and Executives to Work for In 2019 Based On Glassdoor

Look beyond Linkedin to what Glassdoor has to say on this issue

Cloud computing is a hot segment within the broader tech industry, as more and more vital tech infrastructure, software and systems are now making use of the cloud network. Now, there is interesting research on which are the top cloud computing companies to work for.

In research conducted by Battery in partnership with Glassdoor in 2016, they produced a list of the “50 highest rated private cloud computing companies to work for.” Some interesting facts and figures came out of the research, for example, the average CEO approval rating for the top 50 stands at 94% compared to the average 64% of all the CEOs on Glassdoor. Interestingly 36% of the companies among the top 50 were founded in 2009, and Most of the companies (60%) are headquartered in California.

“The companies in the top 10, from the top down, are Asana; Greenhouse Software; WalkMe; Chef Software; Sprout Social; Grovo; Procore Technologies; PagerDuty; Addepar; and nCino.”

The high ranking businesses in the list characterize a real cross-section of the cloud network service provider, which include companies providing IT infrastructure, back-end, and cloud companies that offer design, security, collaboration, financial software and so on.

In a similar manner, Battery also conducted the same research for the “50 highest rated public cloud computing companies to work for.”

“The top 10 companies in the list include, in order, are Ultimate Software, Instructure, HubSpot, Zendesk, Guidewire, Paylocity, Demandware, Five9, Shopify, Wix.”

As discovered in the research, the average rating for the top 25 companies on employee satisfaction was 4.2 with 5.0 being the highest rating achievable.

Based on analysis done by Forbes, the following cloud computing companies are highly likely to be suggested by their staffs to friends seeking employment in 2019, they are Cloudian, Zoho, SAP, OutSystems, Netskope, Sysdig, Fivetran, Mendix, StreamSets, Nuxeo, Zscaler, and Kony.

When we consider the ratings of companies that have employees that would recommend their workplace to their friends, the percentage is higher for cloud platform and development businesses.

Combined together, there are 12 CEOs that lead the best cloud computing companies, approved by 98% of their staffs as of March 3, 2019, on the website “Glassdoor.” The list includes Bill McDermott of SAP, Sridhar Vembu of Zoho, Paulo Rosado of OutSystems, and Thomas Hogan of Kony.

All these insights were gathered from the analysis done by comparing the list of “100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors of 2019” with their respective Scores on Glassdoor. This list is compiled by CRN (Computer Reseller News), which is an annual list of the 100 coolest cloud computing vendors. It is a neutral, 3rd party standard of rapidly expanding and highly probable cloud company to hire today. There has been a high demand by readers for a piece on the cloud computing businesses that are the best to work with. The objective of this article is to give readers an insight into the world of cloud computing businesses and which is the best fit for your skills as well as which hold a strong reputation based on current staffs feedback.

If you are thinking of a long-term career growth strategy to use, you can start by indexing the fastest growing and most exciting cloud computing businesses using their Glassdoor reputation and scores. However, there is a factor not quantifiable and that is how well an applicant fits into the company culture. Make use of every chance of in-person interviews, check Glassdoor ratings often and study as much as you can about the daily life in the companies that interest you. Use that to check if you fit in with your strengths and skill sets.

Going by the CRN list for 2019 to compare the percentage of staffs that would recommend their company to a friend and the percentage of staffs that approve of their CEO (using Glassdoor scores), we give you the table below. We have on the CRN list 15 companies that have little or no entries at all on Glassdoor, as such, they are not on the rankings in the table below.

Now lets consider qualifications for those seeking to enter the industry – and those wanting to retain their edge:

Essentially there are two qualification routes: Cloud administrator – and Cloud developer. 

Here is a learning path for cloud developers:

Here is a learning path for cloud administrators:


Welcome from Learning Cloud Computing: Public Cloud Platforms by David Linthicum

Source; Forbes based on ANALYSIS OF CRN AND GLASSDOOR DATA 3 3 19

The rating of the highest ranking CEOs on Glassdoor are also provided below, details are correct as of March 3, 2019.



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