The ticket to metaverse, a new chance for  WIMI and other 11 companies


Welcome to the 2022 metaverse, where the 12 tech companies hold the metauniverse ticket


The year 2021 is the first year of Metaverse and the cognitive establishment period of Metaverse. The global giants began their layout of metaverse. But at present, no mature commercial products have been implemented. And the product form is far from reaching the mature mark. Many concepts have not reached an industry consensus. The understanding of metaverse will be in a more obvious divergent period in 2022, which reflected inWelcome to Metaverse 2022. There are 12 tech companies with Metaverse tickets.


One of the investment themes in 2021 is Metaverse. So how do you think of this new thing? Some people say that Metaverse is the future development goal of the future Internet and another revolution in human information technology. While others say that the concept of Metaverse is just a means of “play for a sucker”.  But Metaverse has combined technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality with technology areas such as social media, games and video. While Metaverse may be in its early stages. Many of its basic components are in place.  However, Wall Street sees high growth opportunities for related stocks in the coming quarters.

Metaverse could become a $8 trillion market.

LinkedIn CEO Reed Hoffman expects Metaverse to invest heavily and grow over the next decade. And the main question remains whether it will grow to reach the next generation of platforms for social media, streaming and gaming for the next generation.  In addition, Morgan Stanley  predicts that Metaverse could become a $8 trillion market.


It is well known that global spending on AR and VR devices is growing steadily.  Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Samsung (OTCMKTS: SSNLF), WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) all have plans to bring their AR or VR devices and developer tools to market soon. Many gaming and software development platforms. Such as Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) and Unity Software (NYSE: U), and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), are also investing in the area.As a result, Metaverse could take these tech stocks to record highs by 2022.


2022 is the most important year for Metaverse.


Looking back at the three key time points in 2016,2019 and 2021, especially the release of Oculus Quest 2 and its significant sales growth in 2021, driving the entire Internet ecosystem into a new hardware era of —— VR / AR + Metaverse. The industrial rotation cycle of the next generation computing platform has already begun. Under the research idea of new hardware d the global technology giants according to their own resource advantages and strategic layout, choose different directions to enter the Metaverse and carry out the fierce competition. In the system engineering covered by “Metaverse”, there will be more industry participants and produce more industry segments.

Metaverse will produce new content, new scenes and new business forms far beyond our current expectations.

First of all, Metaverse hardware and content come first. As the first entrance, the hardware needs to promote each other, and the content is mainly based on Metaverse primary content forms such as VR games and chain games; Second, the underlying architecture should start to work, with the production, production, operation, and interaction of new content / scenes, relying on the vigorous upgrade of the underlying architecture (game engine / tool integration platform, etc.); Thirdly, with the upgrade of the underlying architecture driving the magnitude of data processing, the back-end infrastructure and artificial intelligence can really play a great effect;


Under the flood of data, the role of artificial intelligence will become increasing. Artificial intelligence not only depends on the improvement of the underlying architecture and digital infrastructure, but also very depends on the richness of content and scenarios. At this time, AI will replace or assist people to play a constructive role and become the core factor of production in Metaverse. Finally, the content and scene.  Compared with other sectors, the content and scene are the most variable.  Metaverse will produce new content, new scenes and new business forms far beyond our current expectations. And reshape the scale and competitive pattern of the content industry.


Based on the above judgment, it is expected that the giants are expected to take the lead in the hardware industry chain.  Content and underlying architecture, and it is expected that the hardwarewill have great changes in 2022.


Twelve technology companies in the global capital markets have Metaverse tickets.


  1. Meta (NASDAQ: FB) is the most radical Metaverse giant


Facebook is now the most radical metaverse gaint in the layout of metaverse at home and abroad.  It is planning to transform the company to a metaverse company in five years.  On October 28, Facebook announced that it had changed its company name to “META” and the company ticker code changed to “MVRS” starting from December 1st.  After the its name change, Meta will focus more on moving to emerging virtual reality. And Zuckerberg says Metaverse is the next frontier, and from now on. The company will put Metaverse first rather than Facebook first.


According to the six components of the Metaverse research framework, Meta is a comprehensive giant, focusing on the layout of four directions: hardware entry, underlying architecture, artificial intelligence, content and scene.


  1. Unity (NYSE: U): Not only a game engine, but also a comprehensive creation tool


Unity’s core is a real-time 3D interactive content creation and operation platform. Game development is the most important application area of Unity. But Unity has sees it as a game development engine.  At present , Unity has become the comprehensive creation tool of Architectural visualization, Real-time 3 D animation and other types of interactive content.  Not only Unity, but also major game engines / development platforms including Epic Games (Unreal Engine) and Nvidia (Omniverse) are deploying non-game business in 3D modeling and virtual world, expanding new tracks, generating revenue and expanding the scale of their main business.


Unity business is divided into three sectors, among which the most important are Create Solutions (create solutions) and Operate Solution (operational solutions), accounting for 30% and 61% of the revenue in 2020; and a small part is Strategic Partnerships and Others, which accounted for 9% of revenue in 2020. As of the first three quarters of 2021, nearly 1,000 customers had contributed more than $100, or more than half of the revenue.



3. Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA): Metaverse and engineers


The three main chip companies Nvidia, AMD and Intel, are still expected to continue their technical advantages in the PC era and mobile terminal era.  Nvidia, in particular, has three hard powers: GPU technology, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence.  At present, Nvidia has a layout in the three major directions of hardware entrance, underlying architecture and artificial intelligence. In 2021, Nvidia executives have released Omniverse platforms, Omniverse Avatar and so on, which are expected to implement Metaverse into industrial scenarios.


  1. Roblox (NYSE: RBLX): A simplified version of the Metaverse world


Roblox is the first company that wrote the concept of metaverse into its prospectus, and proposed 8 key characteristics of the platform leading to metaverse, which including Identity, friends, immersion, anywhere, diversity, low latency, economy, and civilization. The main features of Roblox platform correspond to the key features of Metaverse we give: social ability, openness, rich content ecology, and complete economic system.


The ecological characteristic of Roblox platform is that the openness of the platform has greatly promoted the prosperity of UGC content, attracting more and more influx of developers and players. The community atmosphere is becoming stronger and stronger, and the economic system of virtual and real communication has greatly promoted the ecological activity and the enthusiasm of creators, thus forming a positive feedback cycle.


  1. Netease(NASDAQ:NTES):RPG capabilities and virtual human technology are particularly prominent


Netease has a wide range of online game business engines and game research and development capabilities, and its content innovation ability is also very outstanding. netease has layout in four directions: hardware entrance, artificial intelligence, underlying architecture, content and scene.At present, netease has implemented Metaverse concept products such as Yaoyao Platform immersive activity system, virtual people and Planet blockchain, and invested in a number of innovative companies in the field of virtual people to promote the exploration of Metaverse full link, from front-end research and development to terminal business scenario application.


  1. Tencent (OTC: TCEHY): The metaverse jigsaw puzzle is relatively perfect


Tencent’s understanding of Metaverse is advanced. At the same time, Tencent also has the superior conditions for Metaverse layout. Through the combination of capital (acquisition & investment) + traffic (social platform), Tencent will explore and develop Metaverse like building blocks in the future. According to the six components of our Metaverse research framework, Tencent focuses on the underlying architecture (engine Unreal Engine), back-end infrastructure (cloud services, big data center), content and scene (various types of content products and mature social network communication ecology).


  1. Alibaba(NASDAQ:BABA): First-mover advantage in the cloud computing field, looking forward to the multi-scenario application of e-commerce


Metaverse is recognized as the next generation of the Internet, to which the domestic Internet giants have maintained a positive follow-up attitude. Alibaba’s layout in the Metaverse direction can be traced back to 2016, when the VR shopping function was launched on Taobao, and Alibaba invested in the AR unicorn Magic Leap. In 2021, Alibaba has a more frequent layout in Metaverse direction, successively established new brands “Cloud Mirror” and XR Lab, and hired AYAYI to become the digital manager of Tmall Super Brand Day.


Based on the accumulation of underlying cloud computing technologies, expand Metaverse-oriented solutions, such as cloud games; experience optimization based on e-commerce scenarios, such as VR shopping, VR hardware and virtual human marketing.


  1. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT): First proposed and focused on enterprise Metaverse


In a speech at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella first proposed the concept of “enterprise Metaverse. Which means “a collection of infrastructure stacks generated with the convergence of numbers and the physical world.  It is a combination of digital twinning, Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality. Compared with Facebook’s Metaverse layout (UGC content, social, home, work), Microsoft was the first to propose and focus on enterprise Metaverse. Following the name change of Facebook, Microsoft mentioned the concept of “enterprise Metaverse” again at the Ignite 2021 Technology conference on November 3,2021. It released two important features, ——Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces and Mesh for Teams.

At present, Microsoft focuses on the layout of hardware entry, underlying architecture, content and scene. Through HoloLens, Mesh, Azure Cloud, Azure Digital Twins and a series of tools / platforms to help enterprise customers realize the integration of the digital world and the real world.


  1. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG): AI + cloud + Android, Metaverse underlying architecture key entry


Google is the global public cloud service provider of Top4.According to IDC, Google’s global share of the total cloud market was 4.8% in 2020, down from Amazon (46.8%), Microsoft (14.2%) and Alibaba (7.6%), ranking fourth in the global total cloud IssS industry.Google officially layout cloud computing later than Amazon and Microsoft. After two senior executives, the current layout in cloud computing direction is accelerating.With the combination of leading AI and cloud computing capabilities, Google is expected to play an important role in the direction of Metaverse’s underlying architecture.


  1. Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU): Win the AI era, and actively layout the Metaverse direction


At the current stage, Baidu’s resource endowment of Metaverse layout direction is reflected in mainly two aspects: artificial intelligence and hardware entrance.Baidu layout AI earlier, and gradually release AI capabilities.Baidu layout AI before Ali and Tencent, taking the search scene as the starting point, and has now formed a complete AI ecology.


Baidu has formed a full range of artificial intelligence ecosystem, baidu brain as the underlying technology core engine, in the paddle deep learning platform, baidu kunlun chip, DuerOS platform with the blessing of intelligent hardware, deepening AI technology in B customer side, and through AI can assign cloud services, with baidu intelligent cloud as the carrier, accelerate the commercialization of AI in various industries.


  1. Apple (NASDAQ: APPL): The most potential to bring AR / VR devices to the mainstream


Apple’s importance to the Metaverse world lies in its greatest potential. It is to bring Metaverse’s hardware entry into —— AR / VR devices to the mainstream. Compared with VR, Apple is more optimistic about AR. It has been working quietly in the AR field for many years.  As the technology leader in the mobile Internet era, it has absolute resource advantages in both the hardware and software fields. And has a powerful hardware ecosystem from PC to smart phones to AR glasses / headset. Although the first AR device has not yet been launched, apple’s support for the iPhone and iPad.


The Apple plans to have two AR / MR heads. One is a high-end commercial AR / MR universal headset. Expected to cost more than $3,000 and only for B-end users. And the other is a light AR glasses featuring everyday features, mainly for C-end users. Compared with VR, Apple is obviously more optimistic about AR. And it has been focusing on the layout for many years.  It has formed a relatively complete underlying technology layout including chips. Also including its display screen, optics, acoustics, sensor, perception interaction and key technologies around AR hardware.


  1. WIMI Hologram (NASDAQ: WIMI): the leader in Metaverse underlying technology


WIMI continues to attach importance to R & D investment.  After long-term technology accumulation.  It has owned the world’s leading technology reserves in VR, AR, artificial intelligence, intelligent intelligence chip, computing power algorithm, cloud platform and other Metaverse related fields, and fully has the technology and ability to explore and develop Metaverse. WIMI continues to attach importance to R & D investment.  After long-term technology accumulation. It has owned the world’s leading technology reserves in VR, AR, artificial intelligence, intelligent intelligence chip, computing power algorithm, cloud platform and other Metaverse related fields. And it fully has the technology and ability to explore and develop Metaverse.  WIMI has the technology and expertise to develop products that maximize the most of Metaverse opportunities. WIMI Hologram is in a good position to develop in 5G, AI, VR / AR / XR and other fields to provide Metaverse to users.


In addition to hardware. WIMI has also entered the key modules of chip and semiconductor companies in the past two years.  At present, it has accumulated many core capabilities of Metaverse technology. Including AI computing, digital twin, simulation, AI vision and so on. According to the six components of the Metaverse research framework. WIMI currently has competitive advantages in the direction of hardware entry, underlying technology, content and scenarios.


 There is a great investment point for Metaverse in 2022


Metaverse will not come suddenly, it is based by the physical world. It will through demand stratification, industry division of labor. Which is just like a jigsaw puzzle can be put into a complete plan. It experienced breakthroughs in various underlying technologies.  And it improved the hardware, and finally usher in the explosion of content consumption. The whole process will last for 10 years or even longer.


However, technology is always progressing. Objectively speaking, Metaverse is both progressive and backward. Which lies in the increase of human sensory experience dimension, and lies in portability and cost performance. Only when the progress far exceeds backward, can Metaverse develop smoothly. The Metaverse development is still in a deep period of controversy. And in 2022, the Metaverse needs an important change to end the controversy.