The Stylish Baker Faaiza Omar discusses about she helped underprivileged communities during COVID

Successful baker Faaiza Omar is known to be a great role model in the baking community and has inspired many people with her work. The Stylish Baker loves to teach unique techniques and experiment with different flavours. The stylish business woman has over 51,000 followers on instagram and a Youtube account where people can watch her making desserts for hours.

Faaiza is also known for her popular online supply store that she runs with her sister and they specialise in selling patisserie equipment, ingredients and moulds. She has a reputable pastry school with her sister, where amateur bakers can master the skills of French patisserie techniques. But her success doesn’t stop there, for she has recently released her debut book My Sweet Life: A simple masterclass in home baking. 

Even though Paris may be her favourite destination and she loves French desserts, she still lives in South Africa, where she also hosts classy tea parties. 

The Stylish Baker loves animals and cares for their wellbeing, supports women empowerment and strongly cares for people who are in poverty, war torn countries and  in underprivileged communities. 

Her most recent fundraiser

Just like many other people during this ongoing pandemic, Faaiza was stuck at home in quarantine. However, she made sure to divide her time by continuing to work hard and even set up a fundraiser through crowdfunding. She explains that, “It’s important for me to help aid the underprivileged. I have completed many fundraising initiatives and in April, I did a birthday fundraiser through crowdfunding to assist underprivileged Covid communities.”

She hosted an online crowdfunding initiative in order to help underprivileged South Africans with basic necessities through the F.E.E.D organization. Faaiza was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and continues to reside there. 

How the pandemic has affected underprivileged communities

With the current case of the coronavirus, many borders across the world have shut down, which has caused a huge crash for the tourism industry. On top of that, many people who were already struggling financially have sadly lost their jobs or have had to suffer with the virus and losing loved ones.

It has caused a global effect on the economy, meaning that underprivileged communities have to face even harsher conditions than ever before. 

Faaiza stated that, “It’s really sad to see how badly this pandemic has affected all of us. Some have been lucky and have been able to fight through it, whilst others are living one of the worst years of their lives. It’s important to not only help each other financially, but to offer mental support too.”

How she will continue to help

This isn’t the first time that Faaiza has helped raise money for poorer communities and is always motivated to help. She has set a goal to help accomplish eradicating poverty, by offering support and donations to countries and communities in need. She believes that it’s important to help others, since it can also motivate them to achieve their dreams.

The Stylish Baker announced that, “I will continue to help those who are in need, because I strongly stand for helping people who are poverty stricken. It’s an unfair world we live in and some circumstances are already panned out for the underprivileged. Instead of judging or overlooking the situation, it’s important to be that helping hand whenever you can.”

What is The Stylish Baker up to now?

Since travel is out of question, Faaiza has been hosting tea parties locally or across South Africa. She’s also excited about her latest book release, which is the perfect gift for keen bakers. In this book readers will see recipes that include different flavours from around the world and exciting techniques to test out in the kitchen. Once the pandemic is over, the busy business woman will resume international travel and will attend master classes in order to continue to learn new skills. 

Until then, we can only continue to admire The Stylish Baker and her hard work through Instagram and Youtube. Her book is currently available on the online supply store and is usually dispatched within 2-3 days.