The Smart Digital Humans: WiMi Hologram Cloud Integrates AI Technology Into Digital Humans

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology released a white paper on the development of the Beijing AI industry in 2022 at the Beijing AI Industry Innovation and Development Conference held on Feb 13. Up to now, Beijing has 1,048 core AI enterprises, accounting for 29 percent of China’s total AI enterprises, ranking first in the country. This year, Beijing will support the head of enterprises to build a big model of benchmarking ChatGPT.

AI Technology Is Set To Explosive

After the recent popularity of the AI industry upstart ChatGPT, Google and other large technology companies have announced the launch of competing products to participate in the new competition in the AI field. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that AI will be “the hottest topic of 2023.” ChatGPT The emergence is a milestone event in the history of AI development, which has had a profound impact on the information industry and the AI industry.

r/WIMI - The Smart Digital Humans: WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) Integrates GPT Technology Into AI Digital Humans

The concept of ChatGPT exploded in the secondary market, and AI-related listed companies also ushered in a wave of research boom after the Spring Festival, and the research content covered the focus of ChatGPT technology foresight, the company’s layout in ChatGPT-related applications. At the same time, driven by the concept of ChatGPT, technology companies have announced the daily limit, and the coverage has been expanded from AI companies and Internet e-commerce companies to virtual human companies.

2023, the association of Digital Humans with ChatGPT

ChatGPT As the hottest topic in the global technology industry, AIGC represented by the ChatGPT model will bring a new imagination space to the Metaverse-related industry chain, and will completely change the Digital Humans as the core entrance of Metaverse. In September 2022, the first Web3.0 immersive party in China, Baidu AI Digital Humans Du Xiaoxiao shocked the audience; in January 2023, the first domestic Metaverse information program “Good morning, Metaverse” started, virtual news anchor ShenYa broadcast and interpreted the news for the audience.

In the first domestic Web3.0 Metaverse immersive song party held by Baidu, the virtual AI assistant Du Xiaoxiao served as the AI producer of the song party. From the case of Du Xiaoxiao, it is not difficult to find that the identity virtual person and the service virtual person are integrated, presenting the characteristics of being both an assistant and an idol. With the continuous upgrading and improvement of ChatGPT / AIGC and other artificial intelligence technologies, AI interactive virtual people may become a new application trend in the future, and the commercial value of service-oriented virtual people will be further highlighted.

r/WIMI - The Smart Digital Humans: WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) Integrates GPT Technology Into AI Digital Humans

For example, the demands of Internet giants and brands in content / IP and services are the main forms of Digital Humans. For enterprises, the construction of their own Digital Humans IP can not only realize the comprehensive demands of layout Metaverse in advance, close to generation Z people, and creating marketing hot spots, but also greatly improve the operation efficiency of enterprises due to the advantages of high Digital Humans usability, not easy to collapse, and not subject to time and space restrictions. The business practice has proved that virtual person is one of the industries that have priority scale landing and effect very fast in the current technology track.

Virtual Digital Humans involve technologies including AI, motion capture, modeling, and rendering, while real-time interactive live streaming has higher requirements for voice interaction. From this point of view, AIGC technology and virtual people live broadcasts do have a lot of crossovers. Caitong Securities Research report pointed out that ChatGPT downstream application scenarios include code robots, novel derivatives, dialogue search engines, voice work assistants, dialogue virtual people, and so on.

r/WIMI - The Smart Digital Humans: WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) Integrates GPT Technology Into AI Digital Humans

WiMi Hologram Cloud AI Catches The Trend

Against this backdrop, a host of companies with virtual people are eager to catch up with the ChatGPT boom. It is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is the world’s leading holographic AR application technology provider, it is using ChatGPT technology to realize holographic digital twins, and based on AI technology to train the proprietary brain of holographic Digital Humans to form a personalized model.

To put it simply, WiMi Hologram Cloud relies on artificial intelligence deep learning, AI vision, virtual / augmented reality, and image processing technology applied to virtual Digital Humans, so that virtual human appearance and action posture can be closer to real people. WiMi Hologram Cloud Provides fine services, from the aspects of software and hardware to provide the whole solution, to build brand exclusive IP, as well as the whole digital marketing planning, to achieve a variety of customized services, inject soul into the core of AI Digital Humans.

After years of deep accumulation in the field of virtual technology, WiMi Hologram Cloud has created the leading virtual human technology operation process and solutions. It is reported, with its research and development of AI Digital Humans and the underlying algorithm, and standardized operation and professional production team, WiMi Hologram Cloud is expected to launch highly true and can dialogue with the user’s natural virtual image, help the brand promoted the online interaction effect, and bring the user a fresh visual experience, enhance the value of the brand IP image.

From the above introduction, the combination of ChatGPT and virtual Digital Humans can be used for a wide range of application fields such as virtual live broadcasting. In addition, it is expected that in the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will pay more attention to the integrated application of Digital Humans and AI and other models, and rapidly expand to different industries and different scenarios, to layout for future AI digital improvement.


The ability to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry is gradually becoming the standard configuration of Digital Humans production companies, and the moat lies in whether it can improve the input-output ratio, and whether it has the core technology to improve the user experience. Since its birth, virtual people have been inseparable from AI technology. ChatGPT, AIGC ability is an AI “human Gree” or “creative power”, its level determines whether the virtual Digital Humans is as realistic as people. It is foreseeable that more Digital human start-ups will flood in this direction in 2023.