The Satin Crew are professional car enthusiasts and here’s why

The Satin Crew  are a company that specializes in luxurious cars and they are huge car enthusiasts. They have the perfect dream job for car lovers, which is to go on journeys, riding beautiful cars and showcasing them to the world. They have a high expertise for every part of a car, making them trusting to their current loyal clientele.

The Satin Crew was formed by a father and son relationship that became a strong bond over their private collection of cars. The father, Marco explained that, “Everybody has their own passion and hobby. To us, we see cars as a form of art and beauty.” Their main aim as a company is to bring joy to likeminded car enthusiasts who are also fascinated by fast horsepower, sophisticated design and great technology. 

They have built success around this by having a website that fans can follow religiously and navigate through in order to check out their latest news and cars. Marco explained that, “I have always loved cars from a young age and so has Alexander. It is something that we will always want to share our love for cars with others.”

The passion they have for cars

The son Alexander has explained, “We have always loved cars and wish to build a community with others who share the same enthusiasm. We love sharing our videos and photos on social media, so that we can connect with others.”

They have a wide selection of elegant and cool cars to show, such as the McLaren 720S Spider, which is known to have a performance of a hyper car and a beautiful design. This car is part of their private collection and they have especially featured the MSO Carbon Fiber option, which is a special touch that they appreciate. Another car that is showcased in their private collection is the stunning and classic Mercedes G63.

They generally have major brands in their collection such as Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce and Porsche. Marco explained that, “We love our cars, we love every part of the interior and exterior, which is why we have so much knowledge about them.”

The Drawings

Their website has a whole section of illustrations of cars and they are incredible. Alexander explained that, “For us, art is tasteful and the design that creators come up with cars are out of this world. We love that, which is why we feature drawings of cars on our website.” These drawings look very lifelike, which is what is meant to be given as an impression to customers. 

They are such car enthusiasts that they appreciate any kind of art that is related to luxurious cars. Their private collection is their trophy and what a better way to celebrate that with some spectacular and still life drawings?

The road trips

Both the father and son have created amazing content that really highlights the performance of the cars and the beauty of cinematography. They have done this by filming short snippets of the road trips that they have been on with these cars. However, they have also taken professional images that really demonstrate the exterior beauty of their private collection and have attracted attention. Marco explained that “We love to share with everyone our collection, without coming across as if we are showing off. We are simply showing our private collection as if someone would be showing their portraits as an art exhibition. Many followers on our instagram love our work and we love showing it as much as we can.” 

Their instagram page has over 47,000 followers who share the same love for cars on a daily basis. Their images get over 2,000 likes on a daily basis and are followers from around the world. They also use the platform Tik Tok, where you can see more of their videos of their cars.

They also feature events on their official website such as racing cars, in order to maintain the excitement amongst other car lovers and show appreciation to all kinds of cars and what they are capable of.  Marco stated that, “We would like you to join our journey as car collectors, so buckle up!”

Virginia Sagal

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