The new Google Ads experience live on Linkedin Learning

The new Google Ads platform (formerly Adwords) is a win for digital marketers. Since it was rolled out in phases throughout 2018, experts had the opportunity to pilot the most exciting new features. Considering the wide reach the platform offers across various devices and ad types – including video and the new “TrueView” from Youtube, it is still the most formidable player in the market.

It is fair to say that a professional marketer who does not yet understand how to leverage the features available on Google Ads, may be missing out on substantial opportunities. So where do these important marketers, who operate behind the scenes, get their knowledge from?

Linkedin Learning rolled out the most Advanced course on this topic:

Now, Linkedin Learning released the most advanced course on Google Ads in the market. This is aimed at senior marketing executives – and University students who are preparing for new marketing careers. Within days of going live, the course had 2000+ likes and more than 30 000 sign-ups from prominent S&P 500 companies such as IBM, Accenture, Wells Fargo and WPP.

Adriaan Brits, the author and presenter of the course had the following to say: “Providing C-level decision makers with vendor neutral information and a fresh perspective was a key priority during the design of the course. This is because we’re educating people who make important decisions on where investor money will be spend as part of their budget allocation. Pay per click now makes up the predominant part of the budget for most businesses, which is monitored closely by analytics. Delivering maximum ROI and achieving the best from each channel, is what we teach competitive marketers to do”. 

There are many advanced capabilities in Google Ads that people are unaware of. These often represent game-changers for businesses. With Google Ads scripts providing more than 20 advanced functionalities developers and marketing technology specialists can deploy, the possibilities are endless. Three examples of what Linkedin learning teaches on the topic includes:

Google Shopping automation:

This is where entire inventory lists are connected to the Google Ads console by feed, cutting out hundreds of hours of manual work.

Research and planning:

The Google ecosystem provides amazingly rich data sets. Understanding how to access this data, gives researchers access to both market data and opportunities, as well as competitor actions.

Advanced automation:

A part of Google’s marketing automation capabilities, is the ability to set up weather based feeds. Adriaan Brits shows an example in the course, where a business can actually display ads based on weather conditions. He demonstrates how a car dealer can show convertible ads when it is sunny, with SUV ads when it rains.

The impact of an advanced Google Ads certification on career prospects:

Remaining relevant in a rapidly changing world is a challenge. It is often feared that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will come at the cost of human jobs. Yet Brits argued, that a career in marketing automation is the one thing that can help humans to position themselves differently in the food chain: by becoming capable of driving the systems that rely on AI.


This is an exciting year in digital marketing. With media giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon being market leaders in media, those who seek to reach exponential audiences via highly targeted methods, will make every effort to know the finest details on how to leverage the enabling technology. Linkedin Learning, owned by Microsoft, seems well positioned through it’s B2B reach, to connect the right professional profiles with corresponding qualifications not only in marketing technology, but beyond.


Preview of the new Advanced Google Ads course on Linkedin Learning:

Welcome from Advanced Google Ads (AdWords) by Adriaan Brits