The New Future of Music Industry featuring Artificial Intelligence Music and Video Content Creator- Enterarts

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Life has never been so easy with the increase of technological advancement and introduction to Artificial Intelligence. AI hasn’t disappointed us with the beautiful upgrade this time as well, with the new AI technology which helps in music as well as video creation with the help of AI.

Well, looking forward to the first-ever made AI-based music and video content generator presented to us by the top record label company A.I.M which is operated by Enterarts will be entering the NFT marketplace Mintable. Enterarts is a company that helps in AI-based content production. It is an emerging company in the field of the music industry with the perfect combination of music with technology. Isn’t that a great opportunity for all music lovers who feel difficulty composing music? It helps you work on your creativity. The video has been significant for creating two different ways the original version as well the ambient version of the track. Enterarts business associate Neutune helped in enforcing the mixed scape technology which furthermore helps in the creation of AI produce and edits the video as per the music source provided. 

NFT refers to Non-Fungible Token, is one of the most preferred platforms for music artists. On the Mintable app, Enterarts provide you a platform where you can easily create and sell your Ethereum-based NFTs. It helps a lot in the creation of information about various digital content such as music, video, and pictures with the help of blockchain technology. 

Talking about the technological stuff, we can not forget A.I.M (which is an abbreviation of Arts in Mankind) which is a record label operated by Enterarts that focuses on AI content production, it is the 15 at the album and which belongs to Aimy Moon, she is the star of the show as she is the Artificial Intelligence which helps in creation and songwriting. A.I.M. came into existence in 2018, the great K-pop musician and the CEO of Enterarts Chanjae Park made a brave declaration on “A.I.M.” that he strongly felt AI will disrupt the music industry. 

She is the AI music composer for those who helped in the composition of the song “idkwtd” with the assistance of the demo virtual music that she composes. She’s the only virtual music composer who creates music with the help of artificial intelligence. AI music deep learning and knowledge about neural network technology further helps A.I.M in the creation of music, and until now A.I.M being the wonderful record label, has succeeded in helping in the creation of music for various K-Pop artists. One of its beautiful creations is the single “idkwtd” which stands for I don’t know what to do. 

Enterarts has created its own space in the music industry with this amazing AI music and video creation. It is one of the leading platforms and is bound to succeed in the future as well. 

Hayeon also released her AI single “Eyes on You”, which proved to be a great success, and captivated a lot of her fans because of the amazing work that single, the song was composed by A.I.M. and then after that, it went further for the revision by its producers. It is an amazing single where we can see a great example of Hayeon’s amazing vocals as well as the music composition. She is a very sincere and hard-working artist and is currently working on her upcoming single “Walk Away”. 

With A.I.M. and Aimy Moon, we can see the future of the music industry with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It has been a joyful and cheerful experience to work and create music hand in hand with the help of great skills and techniques. The purpose is not of A.I.M. is not to remove the current music industry but to help them in the creation of masterpieces and help them with ideas. Helping the artists who face problems with composing music and video creation.

For more details or query the process please feel free to contact, the details given below. We hope to make your experience wonderful with the help of AI music and video composers and your work can be accomplished freely without any hassle. 


For more details on A.I.M and Enterarts, visit the official website:


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