The Lifestyle and Movement Called ‘CHO’: Kansas Rapper Shares His Take on the Importance of Being Multi-talented

JAntho CHO, the powerful and inspiring Kansas City musician, is also a record executive, entrepreneur, and the creator of the lifestyle and movement called ‘CHO.’ Born in 1996, it was obvious from a young age that Jalen Anthony Gause-Fishback would develop into a multi-talented individual. 

JAntho CHO released his first hit single “Tell Me” in 2016 and received tremendous feedback from fans around the world as a result. His successful project “Cloud 180,” was released in 2017 and he made an appearance on Vans X Thrasher’s Scorchin’ Summer Tour.

He founded the recording label Cloud Committee Entertainment LLC in 2018. Last year, he signed a management and partnership deal with Guerilla Guild Media Group, a multimedia entertainment company, founded by Kristopher King, and released his first conceptual album “CHOLo.” This album was produced by D-Lo the Doctor.

2020 may have been a difficult year for quite a few artists, but JAntho CHO did not let the disastrous impact of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic lay him low. He released his music video from his album “CHOLo” in May and he hosted a live show via his Instagram to ensure he maintained contact with his fans. His music video “Ego Death” was released in August and is based on his own transformational experiences.

Growing up in Missouri

The creator of lucid and psychedelic sounds is also very athletic. JAntho CHO has played basketball since the age of five. Baseball and soccer are two other sports he will gladly take time out of a busy day to indulge in.

Music was an important part of his life. In fact, JAntho CHO is a self-taught piano player. By the age of 12, he was making music, and he credits the percussion he played for his school band as the start of his music career. From as early as high school, JAntho CHO knew he was willing to work hard to ensure people were made aware of his work.

By that time, he was not only performing but also writing and doing the instrumentation of his songs. These works of musical art incorporated a whole range of sounds. JAntho CHO worked hard on building an online fan base and distributed his multifaceted music CDs to everyone he knew. It wasn’t long before his music was appreciated beyond his school and Kansas City.

His first inspiration came from artists like Lil Wayne, JAY-Z, and Biggie & Pac. He later started listening to Kendrick Lamar, a huge inspiration to his music during high school.

Shaping the lifestyle and movement ‘CHO’

It was around this time that JAntho CHO started taking psychedelics. His music began developing into another art form as his influences and inspirations changed.

By this time, he was listening to musicians who helped him understand the spiritual aspects of life, and how to overcome the daily difficulties everyone faces. These artists included Kendrick Lamar, Ab- Soul, Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Joey Bada$$, and Mick Jenkins.

JAntho CHO’s lifestyle and movement were born from his experience with psychedelic drugs. He wants to make people aware of the knowledge and enlightenment offered by psychedelics. They provoke a deep exploration of the inner being.

According to JAntho CHO: “We all have a purpose on this earth and beyond. We need to know ourselves and know how to maneuver. Awareness of psychology and the correlation between psychology and spirituality are important. However, so is the correlation between psychology and psychedelics.” He adds, “This influence of psychedelics, psychology, and philosophy, shape the “CHO” lifestyle and movement.”

October 24 is the day of celebration for his lifestyle and movement as well as JAntho CHO’s birthday. He calls this “CHO Day.”

Understanding “CHO” sounds

JAntho CHO’s music is created out of the influences and inspirations around him. Like his movement, the sounds of his hits are all-consuming and spiritual. They encourage the listener to explore everything from reality to the deeper meaning of life.

These sounds empower and guide people to believe in their human potential, and they have the potential to heal the soul. JAntho CHO’s goal and purpose are to help those less fortunate in whatever way he can.

JAntho CHO’s Next Moves

JAntho CHO is about to release the deluxe version of the “CHOLo” album within the next month.  Soon after, fans can expect the release of his project titled “Cloud 180 2.” This is the sequel to “Cloud 180.” He is also working on an upcoming studio album to be released a bit later this year. Fans can also catch him performing in Nevada on April 17th and Oklahoma for a few days in mid-October. His songs and discography are available on Spotify

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