The Incoming Technology Trends That Will Change Industries

Tech trends to take note of

Technological innovations over the last few years, especially AI and voice-enabled devices have helped industries reach new levels of efficiency. With many advancements about to be released and some still being developed, our professional and personal lives are about to change even more than ever before. This report on chatbots alone shows how various industries are being disrupted with positive change.

Smartphones are changing

It’s been many years since we have seen something innovative in the smartphone industry. Folding mobiles have just been unveiled by Samsung and Huawei at relatively high prices. They have obviously not been developed for the masses, but are aimed for those on the move and are sure to become the status symbol of the year. These devices combine software innovations that give them the ability to be both a tablet and a smartphone.

Improved performances announced by Intel

Intel recently showcased its new 3D packaging technology called “Foveros” which will offer high-performance, high-density and lower-power silicon in a tiny package. This will allow device manufacturer to build a wide range of products through its ability to create smaller chips that will extend die stacking to new levels, for uses in CPU graphics and AI processors. It will also offer flexibility for a ‘mix and match” of technology IP blocks with various memory and I/O elements in the form factors of new devices.

The second half of 2019 is when the first Foveros products will launch and it will certainly be interesting to see how manufacturers will combine 3D stacking with new foldable materials and new IoT device innovations.

Analysing data and solving problems

New machine learning services are being created by cloud companies to assist in deep learning to improve how computers and robots analyze data and solve problems.

AI software developers have provided tools for the development lifecycle and are now working on tools to improve model creation and management.

Cognitive Scale offers an AI development platform that manages the entire lifecycle of AI application. This included development, testing and production and includes AI orchestration and composition capabilities. They also provide pre-built AI skills and industry application accelerators.

Robotic solutions

Nvidia recently opened a new robotics lab in Seattle with the aim of tapping university researchers and other tech talent. Robots are mostly employed in environments without humans but the goal of the lab is to develop them to work alongside humans. This is not as easy as it sounds as the robots need software created in such a way that they will be able to function in unpredictable environments. Interestingly, out of the various research projects that they are working on, there is one called the kitchen project where a robot is taught to move or pack items away.

Quantum Computing

IBM recently unveiled its IBM Q System One at the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. The integrated quantum computing system is designed for use in the scientific and business communities and offers cryogenic engineering to deliver a continuous cold and isolated quantum environment. The integrated system also offers auto-calibration which provides stable, repeatable and predictable qubits, which need stability to offer processing power.  The system is not only stable and scalable but its design also incorporates function and good looks.

Exxon Mobil, JP Morgan and Daimler AG are a few of the major companies looking to optimize their industries through the use of quantum computing.

Microsoft, Google, Intel and other startups are also actively researching and developing quantum computing and we will be seeing lots of breakthroughs in the near future.



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