The Holistic Sanctuary announces relaunch of a Beverly Hills luxury location

As Oakland and Denver decriminalized psychedelics that are used in plant-based medicine, these early signs of a new trend in legislation, have analysists and investors talking about a seismic shift in plant-based medicine for healing. Johnny Tabaie, CEO of The Holistic Sanctuary which is an international luxury healing center, said that “We have a 10 year lead on plant-based therapy and healing, since other countries where our Doctors practice, have allowed research on this for years. It is revolutionary here in America where we all seek to win against the opioid war – but actually, it is ancient in other parts of the world. Besides overcoming addiction, we need to counter a plethora of destructive health problems that are so prevalent in modern society”.

The future of health is in the making:

As we witness a rapid evolution in wellbeing, led by increased research and new laws such as The New Farm Bill which legalized hemp – and laws in California and Colorado which decriminalize psychedelics, there are several US medical doctors who are moving quickly to recommend these as suitable treatments for a plethora of chronic illnesses and diseases. We can clearly see, but the changes in CBD inventory from large pharmaceutical retailers such as CVS, that what used to be alternative, has now become mainstream. Statistics in New York, showed that under the compassionate care act show that chronic pain is indeed the major issue being treated with plant-based therapies.

Johnny Tabaie. Image credit:

The rise of luxury holistic healing centers:

Currently, organizations with a worldwide presence, such as The Holistic Sanctuary, provide a limited range of important treatments in the US, with a full range of treatments carried out by its doctors in other countries where it is currently allowed.

With the platinum package of the Holistic Sanctuary that will cost $500K/month for a minimum commitment of 90 days, in Beverly Hills, it shows that high-end solutions are not out of tune with reality – but that this is indeed the new reality for those who can afford it.

In the next 5 to 10 years, what started in California and Colorado will likely spread throughout the US, which will cause a seismic shift in how issues with addiction, chronic diseases and several psychological conditions are being treated. It is anticipated that eventually, medical insurance providers will cave in and shift towards supporting luxury holistic healing outfits in order to retain its clientele. If you consider that already 6 million Americans are taking CBD within 6 months of it becoming legal – then consider the impact the legalization of psychedelics nationwide will have on how holistic healing centers currently operate.



The current state of luxury rehabs

Given the opioid crisis that literally reduced the life expectancy in the US and other rising trends such as depression and technology addiction, it is impossible to consider holistic healing as an industry, without assessing rehab institutions that deal with addiction. Treatment protocols differ in the US, Europe, Mexico and Asia – all depending on what is permitted within the framework of current legislation. For this reason, many US citizens travel abroad, with a limited range of treatments being carried out in the US. It is a well-known fact that holistic centers who have a range of desired facilities, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT, carbon saunas – and individual attention for those who seek to avoid the embarrassment of group therapy, comes at a cost. Price ranges vary significantly.

How much do luxury rehabs charge right now?

The Holistic Sanctuary: Anywhere from $50K per month in various locations worldwide, to a complete $500K monthly package for Beverley Hills – which comes with a lifetime guarantee and relies on the Pouyan method, which is overseen by Johnny Tabaie. Having rescued a long list of celebrities, billionaires and wall street personalities from addiction, it can be hard to find a slot as they are often fully booked. Whereas 1:1 treatments are scarce due to high demand, they offer a range of options, for example $50k per month for Baja with 5 patients at a time, Tulum costs $100k per month for 3 clients at a time and off course. Beverly Hills will be $500k which will be 1 person at a time.

Reviews for The Holistic Sanctuary seem to be overwhelmingly positive even including before and after pictures, with video testimonials. They charge the highest price in the world for a reason. The owner, Johnny appeared in Forbes magazine and is well-known around the world.

The Kusnacht luxury rehab: Treating patients only in Switzerland, this facility charges around $300K and upwards for a months’ treatment. For Europeans it is a popular option, although many Europeans are also starting to visit Mexico and the US for rehab these days.

Reviews for The Kusnacht luxury rehab also seem positive, with a lot of publicity for the facility.

Passages Malibu Is said to cost from around $80K per month. Many celebrities have been rumored to use the facility.

Reviews for Passages Malibu is currently hovering around the 3.9 mark on Google Maps, albeit that this may fluctuate.

Other high-end providers, like Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich charges around $100K per week, which seems to come close to the most expensive package that will be offered by The Holistic Sanctuary in Beverly Hills, US.


Why do people actually spend a fortune on luxury drug rehabs?

The short answer may be that “it works” – since the most expensive facilities often have a reputation, backed by good guarantees and safety records. In reality though, it is a fact that costly drug habits have also penetrated the upper parts of society. On the one hand you have successful people who realize: I am in a predicament, getting my life back is priceless and I will pay anything to have it back. On the other hand, people value their privacy, the level of care they receive – and realize that in order to work with multi-skilled practitioners and Doctors who specialize in the field, will come at a cost. SAMHSA estimates that this is a $35 Billion industry – well, it is only normal that as in any industry, there is a luxury segment, especially since a sizeable portion of people struggling with addiction are wealthy.



Medical care in the US is no cheap affair. There appears to be a disparity in the speed at which national healthcare moves to address serious addiction issues – and how fast those who can afford it, want to be helped. This is not only the case with addiction, but with a range of other chronic health problems. For as long as this is the case, the market for luxury healing centers will be a thriving one.

At a philanthropic level, one can only hope that efficient and affordable solutions will eventually also reach those who are unable to afford premium, luxury lifestyle expenses.