The global presence of chatbots reaching unprecedented levels

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The implementation of most chatbots are amazingly simple because little or no coding is necessary to get them up and running. However, they are extraordinarily effective and powerful and they can even improve over time because of technologies such as NLP and ML. Conversational chatbots could have long conversations with users and they will assist users in the completion of necessary tasks and also assist them as they make purchases. These chatbots will be available 24 hours a day and they can be integrated into the communications channels which are already used by consumers. With every conversation, they will collect lots of useful data which can be used to benefit the business because of substantially increased conversions. Chatbot implementation can help a business to have stronger relationships with their customers and generally consumers are also more loyal. As far as brands are concerned chatbots can improve things such as interaction with publishers, event assistants, media, artists, sports teams and entertainment.

Chatbots and e-commerce


Chatbots can help with things such as personal shopper, business purchases, food delivery, shop locator, product information and shopping. Chatbots are also highly effective when it comes to things such as customer service. It can improve interactions with financial institutions, utilities, call centers, insurance, telecom, and retailers. In the healthcare departments, chatbots can help with things such as virtual caregivers, 24/7 health support, scheduling assistance, website guide, patient portal, and home care assistant. Chatbots are also able to assist with legal and financial matters. The hospitality industry also benefits from chatbot implementation and can help with things such as travel, VIP concierge, bar, restaurant, events, and hotel. Chatbots implemented in education provides benefits such as course assessment, teacher assistant, student rating, student-centered feedback, spaced interval learning, and automatic essay scoring. As far as the internet of things is concerned chatbots can help with wearables, smart homes, connected cars, heart monitors, smart devices and smart cities.

Chatbots and IT


Chatbots can help with reports to IT staff, self-service support, IT service management, collect network data, remedy technical issues and report incidents. In the insurance industry, chatbots can help with provider searches, account updates, care advice, virtual assistant, manage digital claims and track policy updates. Chatbots are also effective when it comes to government departments and they can help with issues such as public health, civic engagement, conduct polls, housing services, city info requests, and government-related news. Airlines can also make effective use of chatbots and this can help them to deal with issues such as real-time support, real-time promotions, booking processes, travel advice, activity notifications, and automated customer service.

Some differences between RPA robots and chatbots


Artificial intelligence provides many businesses with extraordinary benefits. Both RPA software robots and chatbots are now widely used across many industries. It is important to understand the differences between chatbots and RPA software robots. With proper understanding, it will be possible to reduce costs, implement more efficient systems, find quick solutions for a range of problems and there is also the possibility to improve quality. Chatbots can be successfully used to simplify a whole range of processes. They are often used to deal with processes which have both human elements and a measure of automation. On the other hand, RPA software robots will be implemented to deal with fully automated workflows. However, partially automated workflows are also possible where humans are used to initiate or approve certain actions. Chatbots can also be used to automate workflows. Chatbot implementation can lead to smarter human interaction and decisions and it can also help to adapt human behavior. RPA software robots are better for processes which are well documented and understood. It works best in an environment where there is little room for deviation. Chatbots can automate, connect or enable more effective ways which can be used to better respond to a range of processes which are uncommon, poorly documented or poorly defined. It might also be a process where there is some deviation or the process may require human intervention.

Other differences


With Chatbots you have a situation where humans are interacting with systems very directly. RPA software robots are limited to the original exception handling, scripting, configuration, error, and implementation.  Chatbots is able to replace complex GUI’s with conversational interfaces across multiple channels. Chatbots has the ability to add intelligence to processes by making use of natural language. Chatbots also have the ability to remember, understand and learn from the large amount of information which is collected with every conversation between humans and chatbots.


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