The Future of Sustainable Energy And EV’s: Weslee Andrews

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According to Edison Electric Institute data, more than 1.18 million electric vehicles (EV) were on the road in the United States of America as of March 31, 2019. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s most recent report has revealed that electric vehicles will account for 58% of worldwide passenger vehicle sales by 2040. Simultaneously, they will account for fewer than 33% of all vehicles on the road.

In 2017, governments, manufacturers, and industry rushed to announce ambitious pledges, product launches, and sales numbers for electric vehicles. EVs have suddenly moved from being a future technology to a present-day technology. The next ten years will be essential for electric vehicles, and their rapid adoption will have a big impact on infrastructure and markets. While ‘worst-case’ scenarios have received a lot of attention, smart charging technology allows EVs to be controlled for the benefit of the system, speeding up our transition to a sustainable energy future and boosting low-carbon growth.

Environmental Impact 

Around one-fifth of worldwide emissions are attributed to transportation, with road travel accounting for nearly three-quarters of that total. Passenger vehicles, such as cars and buses, account for 45.1 percent of total emissions. The remaining 29.4 percent comes from freight trucks. Furthermore, this figure is only expected to rise as population growth and demographic shifts drive up demand for road travel – not to mention the boom in e-commerce, which is driving up the demand for freight and last-mile deliveries.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution is responsible for one out of every nine fatalities globally, converting our global transportation system to one powered by electric vehicles will virtually guarantee a safer and greener future for everyone.

The Rise Of EV

The next ten years will be crucial for electric vehicles, and their adoption has been aided by manufacturer commitment, government influence, and pricing curves. Volvo, Jaguar, and Volkswagen, to mention a few, have made strong declarations, claiming electrification of their product lines and allocating significant R&D funds. As of 2020, the global EV lineup has nearly doubled, thanks to the introduction of Chevy’s Bolt, Tesla’s Model 3, and Nissan’s new Leaf, which will usher EVs into the mainstream.

Weslee Andrews, the group owner of Blue Diamond, a renowned multinational defense contractor, is another EV pioneer. Andrews just introduced a micro electric car in Europe and the United Kingdom with the aim to get into the sustainable energy sector. Andrew’s contribution to the electric vehicle market is significant because transportation contributes for over one-fifth of global emissions, with road travel accounting for nearly three-quarters of that total.

Advantages Of EV

Our air will be significantly cleaner as a result of the transition to electric automobiles. Fossil fuel-burning engines, particularly diesel engines, continue to be major emitters of hazardous compounds. Through the utilization of renewable energy sources, the changeover will help reduce global carbon emissions. An electron is an electron and can originate from anyplace, unlike petroleum, which must come from petroleum oil. Electric and hybrid automobiles are currently less expensive to own and operate than regular cars, thanks to falling battery pack prices. Not only does electricity cost less than gasoline, but hybrid and electric vehicles also have cheaper maintenance costs.

An electricity supply that includes a fast expanding share derived from renewable sources, notably solar and wind, is powering these cars and their batteries. Given similar conditions, both energy options currently undercut natural gas energy pricing. Over the last four decades, the cost of solar energy has dropped by a stunning 99 percent. Because solar panels are essentially semiconductors, their cost curves are quite similar to those of computers. The eventual result of the solar energy price decrease will be electricity that is so inexpensive that the cost of transporting it across wires to our homes and companies will be the primary cost.

Final Thought

EVs are here to stay, but in order for them to truly be a green alternative for the future of transportation, we must not miss the opportunity to connect them to renewable energy. Weslee Andrews, a pioneer in the business, is helping to shape a greener, more sustainable future.

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