The era of “virtual office”? Microsoft/ Alibaba/ WIMI promotes AR office application

SK Telecom creates 5G-based smart office

With the clarity of virtual industry application scenarios, the future development direction of VR / AR is gradually clear. In 2022, there are expected to be more application scenarios related to employee training, collaborative office, and meetings. The technical upgrade of face recognition and eye-tracking will comprehensively enhance the expression richness of virtual characters in the conference software, and the better feedback of reality information will greatly improve the user experience of training and office-related virtual applications.

The virtual office is becoming the trend in The Times

According to Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work, the new issue of the 2022 global workplace trends report released by MSFT.US), the hybrid office model is the most potential work model in the future. The report mentioned that 57% of respondents preferred telecommuting, and 51% said they would consider switching to mixed offices in the next year. Second, as an emerging medium for mixed office models, AR / VR applications generate interest among emerging generations, with 51% of Gen Z and 48% of millennials believing they will try virtual office in the next two years.

In fact, in a 2021 report released with Frester Market Consulting, Microsoft noted that a series of companies have begun to move to AR / VR offices, and Microsoft is one of them. At the Ignite Digital Conference 2021, Microsoft used 3D capture technology to project realistic images of people into virtual scenes, allowing attendees from all over the world to participate in both their home living rooms and home offices. As Microsoft’s AR universe is becoming clearer and investing more to empower future offices, the Mesh and HoloLens are expected to become important pillars of their vision.

A virtual office is expected to break through the limitations of physical space, bring the closest face-to-face work experience, and improve the efficiency of office production, communication, and collaboration. Virtual office uses AR information enhancement technology to provide a remote “face-to-face” communication platform for the communication parties, to facilitate remote guidance and collaboration for on-site personnel, to improve enterprise benefits, and improve the customer service experience. In the era of epidemic normalization, telecommuting is normalized, and the trend of organization digitalization and business digitalization is significantly strengthened. The realization of this scene will with the help of AR’s underlying technology.

AR + office brings a whole new digital experience

With the wheel of history rolling, AR technology is developing rapidly, and the changes may already be “the wind into the night”.AR technology has been widely used in education, industry, office, and other fields, and has driven productivity improvement and industrial transformation to varying degrees.AR drives the overall evolution of productivity tools, communication tools, and collaboration tools. For practitioners, the industry remains unchanged and the task remains unchanged, but the work experience is being reshaped.

From Microsoft’s multi-field application to AR office, while many overseas enterprises are actively seeking innovation and development, many domestic manufacturers are also actively exploring the road of AR digitalization.WIMI Hologram(WIMI.US) is the world’s leading AR high-tech enterprise. As an explorer and leader in the industry, it is currently committed to the research and development of AR and other software and hardware products and the ecological construction with a holographic cloud operating system as the carrier.WIMI Hologram explores the building of AR office, content, and industry solution ecology, which can use AR technology capabilities to work in the virtual space to realize distance-free interaction. At the same time, the collaboration of meetings and documents is carried out, and the landing of virtual reality in remote teaching, remote social networking, and other industry scenarios is explored with the help of AR glasses 3D modeling, and other capabilities.

If enterprises want to grow, an online digital office is inevitable. 5G high network speed and low latency will create a smoother and more high-definition quality experience. AR remote collaborative office will become a necessary tool for online virtualization office.WIMI Hologram, through 5G, computer AI vision, light field display, chip platform, hardware design, and other fields, combines cutting-edge Al and AR technologies with industrial applications, so that front-line staff can automatically update information and improve work efficiency. Convenient to provide customers in different vertical fields, effectively improve user experience, help enterprise efficiency, and enable the use of public services.

During the epidemic, virtual offices and even home offices have once again become the priority for employees. In some news interviews, many companies, including JD, Station B, and Alibaba, have transferred their jobs online. Not long ago, Alibaba’s nail held a “technology to reality, everything grows” press conference. This conference focused on digital technology services, further opening up intelligent hardware, basic office ecology, and other ecological capabilities, the most important point is that Dingding also released an upgraded version of the Workspace solution for AR / VR manufacturers.

According to the introduction, Dingding Workspace is a joint XR laboratory, for AR / VR offices that can adapt to some AR, MR intelligent device terminals. Based on the 3D multi-window desktop system and perceptual interaction capability of the XR laboratory, the application opens IM, audio and video capabilities, documents, organizational relationship chain to XR equipment manufacturers, and uses cutting-edge AR, MR, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies to provide cutting-edge office products and experience for the future XR era.

It can be seen that whether Microsoft, WIMI Hologram, or Workspace office solutions, for AR / VR industry players, bring new working methods and different digital experiences, can allow more people to see the value of the AR / VR industry, and boost the industry towards a larger shipment level. With the continuous progress of science and technology, there are more and more fields of AR application. It is believed that shortly, we can experience mature AR technology in various fields of life.