The digital economy development strategy has become an important economic strategy for modernization  

WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Integrates The 5G Technology with AI For A Better Application

The development strategy of the digital economy has become an important economic strategy for contemporary modernization and is becoming a key force in changing the global competition pattern. It plays an important role in promoting the upgrading of industrial structure, strengthening the industrial chain and reinforcing the chain, and realizing coordinated regional development.

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Digital technology points out the development direction of the industry


This year is the world conference on the Internet Summit in the decade, in the past decade, the Wuzhen Summit witnessed the vigorous development of the Chinese Internet, as an important platform for digital economy industry cooperation, foreign show the vigorous power of China’s digital economy and unique charm, promote digital economy industry cooperation, convey the rapid development of digital economy.

Nowadays, the digital wave is sweeping the world, digital technology is constantly changing, and the trend of digital and real integration is accelerating, and becoming the new theme of the digital transformation of enterprises.

The digital economy is playing an indispensable role in the sustained recovery of China’s economy, and further promoting the integration of digital and real is. The digital economy has become an important engine to promote economic growth and social progress, but how to promote digital transformation and achieve high-quality development through efforts to build a sustainable future has become an important issue in the current society.

WiMi Hologram Cloud innovates its digital technology


According to the introduction, the wave of global digital, in the face of the sustained high-speed development of the digital economy, science, and technology innovative enterprises WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) with big data, cloud computing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, accelerate the development of new information technology and scale application, will give full play to the technology, products, open ecology, sustainable computing expertise, promote the coordinated development of digital and industrialization, digital transformation for all walks of life to provide greater power, let several real fusion go further, deeper.

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Taking the “number” to fly to the new blue ocean, taking the opportunity of digitalization to activate the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, WiMi Hologram Cloud actively builds a bridge between Internet projects, technology, and talent cooperation, accelerates the industrialization of innovation cooperation, and injects new momentum into the development of the new economy.

Such as in the face of AR (augmented reality), XR (mixed reality) yuan universe technology the hot spot, WiMi Hologram Cloud integrated use of digital technology, 3 d modeling technology, XR engine of physical rendering, AR virtual reality scenes such as science and technology, in the virtual world hd stereo reduction, create a real-time interaction, immersion, experience the depth of the exhibition roaming scene, very popular with consumers. WiMi Hologram Cloud Efforts to build a digital research and development of the hardcore industry, to expand the digital innovation ecosystem.

In fact, WiMi Hologram Cloud attaches great importance to the introduction, cultivation, and development of the digital industry, and always regards the digital economy as a key variable for high-quality development. Relying on the “digital economy application industry chain” basic advantages, the future planning, WiMi Hologram Cloud will vigorously develop the digital industry ecology, and key layout of the digital industry including intelligent chip, AIGC, automatic driving, education, intelligent manufacturing areas of artificial intelligence and important development areas, strive for the digital economy industry chain high-quality development leading and supporting role.

To sum up

At present, digital technology is being integrated into every aspect of people’s lives, and “benefiting the people” is becoming more and more realistic. In general, it is expected that all parties will anchor a new track for the development of a digital economy, comprehensively use cutting-edge technological achievements in the fields of large model, metauniverse, artificial intelligence, and other fields, enhance industrial competitiveness and regional comprehensive strength, outline the appearance of the digital world, and convey the vitality of the rapid development of digital economy. At the same time, we will strengthen the agglomeration of collaborative industries to provide better support for the technological innovation and development of global industrialization, and also create more opportunities for the future of the global digital economy.