The CEO Life: Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

Courage and confidence are the two cornerstones driving entrepreneurs forward when they start a new business. Success breeds more success and soon you may find yourself in the midst of an all-consuming campaign or a critical contract that can make you feel as if your business takes priority over everything else. The disrupted harmony between work and life can have detrimental effects on entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

“Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the business strategy that can take them from ‘great at what they do’ to ‘great at running a business.’ That’s the missing link T. Reneé Smith provides her clients and which she has captured in ‘The CEO Life.’’ Felicia Phillips, President and CEO, PPICW and Founder of MogulCon, shared.

T. Reneé to the Rescue

The business scalability expert shares her hard-won experience gained through decades of entrepreneurship and management in a practical, yet compassionate book: The CEO Life. The book addresses the very problem every entrepreneur faces at some stage in their venture: the feeling of burn-out and never-ending sacrifice that can lead to missed opportunities.

With sensitivity and authority the author speaks about the importance of holding on to that sense of clarity and purpose each entrepreneur had at the start of their journey. Guidance for streamlining your strategy and how to sustainably scale the business are provided in depth and speaks volumes of T. Reneé Smith’s experience and knowledge on the subject matter. She deftly guides readers on how to avoid detrimental branding mistakes and imparts strategies to close deals and win bids.

Dr. Karmetria Burton, Senior Director, Global Supplier Diversity and Inclusion at McDonald’s shared her impressions of the book. “More and more, large corporations are recognizing how they can boost their bottom line by diversifying their suppliers. T. Reneé is committed to ensuring more small businesses are ready to jump in and make the most of those opportunities. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs think like CEOs, position themselves to scale, and strategize for the long-term health of the business. In ‘The CEO Life,’ she gives you exactly what you need to do all of that and more.”


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About the Author

T. Reneé Smith is an entrepreneur who has a passion for supporting small business owners and high-level management to achieve top-down success. Nobody can accuse this lady of being a typical self-help “guru” as The CEO Life is filled with wisdom fueled by T. Renee’s own experience when she found herself stretched too thin. The vantage point of experience lets the author speak from the viewpoint of someone who not only knew and survived the breaking point, but thrived thereafter.

President and CEO of iSuccess Consulting Inc, topped with 25 years of experience in corporate strategy, leadership development and business management afforded Smith the moniker of the “Business Scalabity Expert.” Her expertise has helped small businesses obtain more than $30 million in funding capital – traditional and non-traditional. When she is not debunking work/life harmony myths, Smith enjoys spending time with her loving husband and three beautiful children. Having obtained the elusive work/life balance, Smith practices what she preaches. 


The Takeaway

Sharing the transformative power of the book, Devida Lee Kauhane had this to say: “One of the best books I’ve read on having a successful business! T. Reneé breaks down each foundational step of building and scaling a business in a simple, easy to read way that inspires you to take action! Her logical chapter flow and content made it easy to stop, and implement or review areas of my business that I either never thought of or forgot about. Her call to action forces us to think differently and want to do better!” 

The CEO Life is a handy guide that imparts valuable knowledge to entrepreneurs and individuals. Guiding readers towards the elusive work-life balance once and for all is the goal of this book, and the author broaches the topic in a clear, easy to relate way making this book a handy addition to any bookshelf. Readers generally find this book easy to follow and the advice even easier to implement.