The best iPhone games right now

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Apple has for some time struggled to keep up with the high-quality and multiplayer games offered by Android. In more recent developments, the team at Apple has managed to bring users better and more invigorating games than ever before. Apple has tried hard to ensure that users will have a plethora of new games to choose from on its App Store, boasting a variety of games in different categories.

The different models of Apple devices that are currently being used across the world have also given the company some strain, as older models will become slower over time as new software updates are required. Although this has seen the company battle with some critique regarding frequent software updates that in some instances deliberately make some older model phones slower – Apple has given users, with any model phone or iOS version a chance to pick and play some of the best and hottest iPhone games currently available.

These new developments have brought forth another problem, raising questions of what to play and what not? Should you rather pay or opt for free games, and what’s currently the best games on the App Store? Click here if you want to know more or keep reading.

Reigns: Game of Thrones – $3.99

If you enjoyed the TV show, then you can now enjoy endless hours of in-depth quests and themes on your iPhone. The game is quite tricky to understand once you start, but ultimately all you need to do is ensure your towns peoples, the church and bank, army, and subjects are kept happy while battling the enemy with frequent battles and quests. Just like in the original TV show, the rating of your character will change as you progress. It’s a straightforward game but has beautiful visuals, art, and graphics throughout.

Maze Machina – $1.99

If you enjoy a tactical game, that fuses unlimited puzzle combinations and tricky strategies with every swipe, then spending $1.99 on this game is worth it. A small playing field that consists of a four-by-four grid, enables you to find yourself around, with each tile acting as a power-up. The game has you puzzled at first, but ultimately you need to get a key and find an exit, sounds pretty easy right? Not quite, as every new challenge act as a new game – and as you progress it becomes harder to master.

Kingdom Two Crowns – $4.99

If you ever wondered what it feels like to be a leader on horseback while having others do your bidding for you – then taking a stab at Kingdom Two Crowns would be a great purchase. From the start, you’re in charge of how well-established your fortress can be, and how strong your hunters and gathers will become. By night, when the Greed arrives, a beast out to steal all you have, you’ll need to use certain tactics to ensure the safety of your men and fortress. It’s a crafty game, enabling you to build and rebuild, upgrade certain features within the game, and create a real-time strategy to ensure the success and reign of your newly built Kingdom.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale – $6.99

A combination of interactive gameplay, new-age software, and traditional cards have made Meteorfall extremely popular for iPhone users. Carefully using your cards, the game aims to defeat your enemies in a small three-by-three grid. Forget about your playing cards being dealt into your hand, because this game has changed things up – as every card is either bought or discarded from your board. If you’re looking for a challenging and tactile mobile game, then give it a try. Many players have enjoyed the interactive and high-risk gameplay, and we are sure you will too.

Exploding Kittens – $1.99

A little less serious, and a bit more manic chaos. A very straightforward game, where players have to take turns taking a card, if they grab an exploding kitten – you either find yourself having to defuse it yourself or have your screen blasted with an animated kitten exploding. It’s all about choosing the right card at the right time – using strategy, making friends, and defeating your opponents. There’s an unlimited number of onboard features such as online multiplayer, dealing with large hands, or having to deal with the absolute craziness of this game.