The Best Horror Movies On Netflix: Get Ready For The Fright Of Your Life

With 85% of American streaming subscribers subscribing to Netflix (which is 61 million Netflix accounts) and with the average viewer watching two to three hours per day, they need to be sure they keep up with new releases to keep their subscribers happy. One thing Netflix has done to keep old and new subscribers happy was to bulk up on some of the best horrors and thrillers in the genre. From the old classics of the ‘80s and ‘90s to modern adaptations of Steven King, the king of terror, Netflix released something for every kind of horror fan. 

The list below contains some of the best horrors made in the history of the genre, and they all on Netflix! 

Gerald’s Game

Mike Flanagan did excellent work directing the Steven King horror adaptation. This horror follows a reserved wife and her powerful husband as they take a romantic trip to rekindle their marriage. During some heated love making involving handcuffs she accidently kills her husband. Left in a compromising position and the body of her dead husband, this reserved wife must find a way out of this peculiar situation. This moving psychological horror openly investigates hardcore topics like toxic masculinity, oppressive silence and cycles of abuse. It’s one good watch. 


The 1997 adventure horror hit directed by Luis Llosa is an all-time classic. With a star cast including Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Owen Wilson playing a documentary crew in the Amazon River, the entire film is centered on the perilous escape from a giant man-eating snake. With near death escape and gruesome kills horror is a total must-watch.

In the Tall Grass

This modern day Steven King adaptation successfully combined the old and the new of the genre. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, this thriller follows a brother and sister as they rush to rescue a young boy in a field of tall grass, however they soon realize they can’t find their way back to the road. Strange and dark things lurk in the tall grass waiting to terrorize them. This horror is filled with big scares, expected twists and moments of pure terror for the characters.

Green Room

This epic zombie horror directed by Jeremy Saulnier is an intense survival story about a rock band that witness a group of Nazis murder someone, they are then force to lock themselves in the club’s green room to protect themselves from those trying to kill them. It is a slow burner, but once the band witness the murder, things take off. Starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin, this survival horror is refreshing, fast-paced and interesting throughout. With unexpected deaths and bursts of extreme violence, this taught thriller is worth a watch. 

The Invitation

Directed by Karyn Kusama, this horror is captivatingly interesting to say the least. It is centered on a dinner party of old friends and ex-lovers but soon turns into a supernatural horror mixed with a psychological drama when the dinner guests are faced with a very human evil. It can best be described as a slasher horror filled with psychological drama and a cutthroat finale. 


Written by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais and Mark Victor, this 1982 ghost story about a family that experiences supernatural events in their own home does not get less scary over the years. With the youngest daughter very susceptible to the dark demons that talk to her through their TV screen, the family is in grave danger. Viewers can expect several moments of pure terror from this supernatural home invasion thriller.


This zombie horror is not your typical horror that tries to shake things up. On the contrary, it is a focused thriller that is intent on delivering solid content and performances. Starring Martin Freeman, Anthony Hayes and Susie Porter, this post-apocalyptic fiction follows a desperate father in search of a safe haven for his young children before it’s too late for all of them. The horror depicts humans in the depth of depravity but also shows how humans are capable of great acts of kindness and decency. If you’re in the mood for some creepy zombies, this one’s for you.

Bird Box

With an all-star cast including Sandra Bullock, Tom Hollander, John Malkovich and Rosa Salazar, this Netflix hit is definitely on the list of must-see movies. It follows a nervous mother-to-be who is forced to look after two children after an invasion that wiped out everyone’s eyesight. This post-apocalyptic film is dark and deliberately wants to make viewers feel the fear of the characters. If you like Hush and A Quiet Place, then this one’s for you. 

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

From the director of I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, this enigmatic occult drama is a slow-burner with spouts of violence ever so often. This supernatural psychological horror follows a troubled young woman, played by Emma Roberts, as she travels to an isolated prep school where two stranded school girls are waiting for her. But what they don’t know is that a sinister threat from an evil deadly force awaits them. This horror demands patience from its viewers, the plot develops at a methodological pace that leaves viewers perplexed and sometimes hollow.   

The Evil Dead

This 1981 supernatural horror is a true horror classic about a group of college students who decide to spend a weekend at a remote cabin in the woods. As we can expect from classical supernatural horrors, things go horribly wrong when the students suddenly become possessed by a mysterious demon lurking in the woods. It’s a gory horror story with spouts of humor and an amazing cast that truly brings everything together. For horror-lovers this one is an absolute must!


Another Mike Flanagan directed film, this psychological horror is not your average home invasion thriller. A deranged killer tries to invade the home of a deaf woman and she tries to fight him off from the inside of her home. This interesting twist is what makes the film, it adds depths to it, which is only further amplified by the fact that the audience can hear every word the killer says. This horror does not shy away from violence but also deliberately tries to avoid the pitfalls of sexualized assault. It’s one of the good ones. 


This brutal British folk horror is anything but predictable. A young man returns home to find his sister is being held captive by a dangerous religious cult. Determined to get her back, the young man travels the English countryside to the location of this religious cult, infiltrates the cult and soon discovers a secret to evil to imagine. Director Gareth Evans cleverly increases the stakes as the plot unfolds. It is a shocking cult horror movie that deals with issues of faith and fringe society. 

Velvet Buzzsaw

Directed by Dan Gilroy and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo, this slasher horror is one to behold. It takes place in the art world filled with greed and lust as a group of aspiring art dealers come across the work of a deceased, mentally insane criminal artist and decide to profit off of his work. But what they didn’t expect was for the artwork to fight back. This supernatural slasher is intense on all fronts and deals with the dark side of art and commerce. 

The Ritual

This horror has the creepiest movie monster creations in the genre in recent years. The story follows a group of old college friends as they plan a getaway in the Scandanavian wood to mourn the loss of their mutual friend. A wrong turn forces them to face ancient evil beings that lurk in the mysterious forest. Directed by David Buckner and starring the likes of Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier and Paul Reid, this British horror is not your average horror. It’s one of the best for a reason. 


This horror is truly sinister for all the horror-lovers out there. Directed by Zac Hilditch, the film follows the story of a struggle farmer who convinces his young son to murder his wife before she leaves him with half the family’s money to move to the big city and they are haunted by what they’ve done. Based on one of Steven King’s short stories, this film delves into the depth of masculine pride gone wrong and a man struggling with his own damnation. 

Under the Shadow

Set in the Iran-Iraq Wars of 1980s, this politically tantalizing horror tells the story of a woman who survives a missile attack on the roof of her building that failed to go off. Convinced by her neighbors that the missile might be carrying an evil demonic Djinn that is intent on possessing her daughter. She has no choice but to confront the Djinn if she wants to save her daughter. Underlyingly this horror of a surreal experience of wartime Iran intends to be suggestive of the repressed rage felt by women in Iran during that time.