The Best Free Movie Streaming Services Right Now

For many years the only way to watch one’s favorite movies and series was on Cable TV. Since streaming services have started the gravy train that is Cable TV have gone off the rails. Cable TV peaked in 2010 at an astonishing 105 million households paying for Cable TV. That number has declined to approximately 82.9 million and is predicted to decline even further in future years to come. These numbers show the upward spiral streaming services have taken. 

An increased number of people have cut the Cable TV cost to stream movies and series online, however the streaming companies are also charging a pretty penny these days for viewers to watch on their services. There are great companies giving free solutions for people wanting to watch for free. 

For the people who have cut the cord on Cable TV and have noticed the increased cost related to paid streaming services we have listed the top online, free streaming services viewers can use to stream and watch their favourite movies.


This ad-supported service was started by Sony a few years ago. They kick started Crackle again in 2019 as a joint venture with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. It’s an over-the-top streaming service which offers viewers many big screen movies as well as original content. Classics likeGirl, Interrupted and Sunset Boulevard can be viewed on Crackle. More recent movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Hollow Man can be viewed and Crackle.  It’s easy to get started as users can just head to through their browsers and start watching.

Shout! Factory

Shout Factory has an impressive streaming selection which should have something to suit everyone’s movie-needs. They cover a wide variety of genres like, comedy, drama, western, martial arts, action, documentaries, horror and sci-fi. They also cater for the weird and wonderful films, having a selection of foreign and underground films users can stream. The best currently on free streaming is Riff Trax, Elvira’s Movie Macabre and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Shout Factory does not have a lot of new releases and many of their films are from the 80’s.


FilmRise is an app only streaming services and movies cannot be viewed from users’ browsers. Films that are available for streaming are Big Fan, Monster, Prom Night and Roseanne. They are backed by industry leading producers and financiers.

Internet Archive

This platform is a non-profit collection that has over 4 million videos and movies to choose from. Internet Archive mainly hosts public domain films and short films uploaded by their makers. Movies like The Sheik, Plan 9 From Outer Space and Night of the Living Dead can be streamed for free from this platform.


Hoopla offers a wider range of classical movies. They also offer users audiobooks, ebooks, comics, music and TV Shows. Viewers could watch Emma and the original West Side Story. Some of their more  current movies include What We Do in the Shadows, 13 Going on 30 and First Reformed. Hoopla works with libraries to make free movie streaming possible. Viewers can sign-up and login with their library card information. Users need to make sure the library is eligible on Hoopla.


This company needs no introduction. We all know and love Youtube for its free streaming original content. What many users don’t know is that YouTube has a big selection of free ad-supported movies that viewers can stream. Movies like Bandits, Child’s Play and Over the Top can be viewed.


TubiTv is a great online streaming service which features movies from many Hollywood giants like Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate. TubiV covers almost all genres of movies and TV shows. Viewers can watch great action movies like Kill Bill, The Terminator and Top Five. users should remember that it is an ad-supported site and that ad-breaks are inevitable. Viewers can simply download the TubiTV app on quite a number of devices like Playstation, Ruko and Xbox or type in in your browser to start streaming.

Pluto TV offers over 200 different TV channels for free live streaming. Channels available to users are MTV, Court Tv, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Pluto TV is a Viacom-owned platform, they also offer viewers an on-demand selection of movies. Currently The Net, Grease, Shaft, We Own The Night and Young Adult are one of the many big and small screen movies on their watch list. What’s great is one does not need an account to start streaming. Viewers can download the Pluto TV app or just search it in their browser. The only con to Pluto TV is that they do not have a search feature, so users could spend some time scrolling to find the movie they want to watch.


Popcornflix is an ad-supported service. They offer classic movies like Roman Holiday, Reds and We Need To Talk About Kevin. Popcornflix also provides many of their own original content and movies like Teacher of The Year. More popular movies to check out on Popcornflix are Sabrina, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hard Rain. They also have their own viral-video section that is quite the hit with users. Viewers can simply type in in their browser and start watching.


IMDb TV is originally an Internet Movie Database that has come into streaming of movies, tv shows and video games. Viewers can watch movies like Memento, Eat Pray Love, Spotlight, Spiderman, Blade Runner 2049, Padington and Donnie Darko. The downside to IMDb TV is that it is only available to Fire TV devices and/or computers. Users can easily sign up to if they do not have an account as yet as well as use their Amazon Credentials and start streaming.


Vudu is a Walmart owned streaming service and is mainly for paid movie rentals. However they do offer some movies to stream for free, with ads. These movies include Road House, The Insider, Black Hawk Down, The Prestige and Buried. Users have to create a Vudu account, one can create and signup on or with your Walmart account. When signed up, click on the ‘Free’ tab, to start watching their selection of free movies.


Kanopy is a great movie-centric platform. They offer a wide range of world cinema movie-hits. They also have the newest releases of indie and foreign films including The Disaster Artist, Girlhood and Moonlight. Some classics that are streaming for free on Kanopy are The Italian Club, Solaris and His Girl Friday that can be ticked off your watch list. Kanopy uses public libraries and universities that offer films and documentaries. Members with library cards or university students can access all their content for free. The only downside is that not all libraries and universities have signed up for Kanopy’s services, so one should check their list. Simply login with your library card details or university affiliation, sign up and start watching.


This is a platform for the weird and wonderful movies out there. They are described as the unadulterated cultural expressway of the arts. Bynwr features three hand picked films per month that are available for free streaming. Each film has essays which are written by historians and critics. This platform features movies that are seen as obscure subgenres. Users can type into their browsers and start streaming.


Charge is all for the action-film lovers. They concentrate on free streaming of action packed films. There is a robust selection of films to choose from and their top ones are The Family Business, Rocky I-V and UHF.


ChrunchyRoll is known for the best platform to stream free anime movies. The downside is that the movies are ad-supported and low-resolution. The upside is that they do not only offer hundreds of anime movies, they also offer anime series and live-action Japanese dramas. ChrunchyRoll also has a community where viewers can chat about their content. They also provide users with a ‘Random’ button which randomly uploads the first episode of a series.


For the science-fiction fans Comet is the best streaming service to use. Users can stream movies from their browsers and apps. Current movies available to watch are Amityville II: The Possession, Futureworld, Audrey Rose and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.