The abilities of sophisticated chatbots just reached an unprecedented level

Industry updates: How Support for many channels and platforms, combined with a plethora of new features by almost all participants in the Chatbot market has led to more adoption. Below we will discuss the latest features: 


Chatbots support many channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, telegram, Line, Twilio, Viber and Email. It also supports platforms such as GUI-based bot builder and natural language processing. Two bot builder platforms are available such as bot builder GUI and bot dialog Buil GUI.

Bot builder GUI provides a long list of features you might struggle to comprehend in layman terms: this long list now includes broadcasting, custom scripting, customization, response formatting, SDLC, training, import and export bots, Snatchbot store, publishing, and testing. Bot dialog Buil GUI provides features such as plug-ins for bots, life chat hand over, webhooks, condition connectors, components reusability, and multiple intents. As far as natural language processing is concerned the following features are supported. NLP models Training, rules, personalization, synonyms, entity recognition, intent recognition, and testing.

As far as deployment to channels is concerned there is support for features such as the single format for all channels, channel API handling, and authorization control.

Many other interesting features


As far as administration and analytics are concerned there is support for the following features such as full support analytics, pro plan administration, pages administration, SEO administration, Bots administration, and user administration. When it comes to speech processing there is support for TTS and STT models, Text to speech and also speech to text. Features supported by the messaging core is user messages and conversations storing, and messaging Carrier or routing messages. Many benefits are provided by chatbots such as the improvement of customer acquisition. Chatbots can ease leads to generation and qualification. Using chatbots ensures that chat interfaces are everywhere and users should know that Snatchbot is currently supporting 11 channels. Businesses can show customers their advanced digital capabilities because of AI technologies. There are many benefits such as the ability to substantially increase customer satisfaction because of the increased ability to solve customer problems. With chatbots, business is able to supply high-quality support whenever the customer demand such support. Businesses are now able to provide 24/7 customer support with increased accuracy and also better throughput.

Increased user revenue


Because of chatbots businesses is able to not only analyze but also to take action based on the preferences of the customer. Businesses have a better chance to understand their target audience because of accurate analysis. Chatbot implementation can help a business to better allocate human resources allowing employees to pay attention to critical issues while chatbots are used for all those boring and repetitive tasks. Chatbots can help businesses to save costs. With chatbot implementation, there is a short payback period and the cost of chatbot integration is very low but there is a very high ROI. With chatbot integration businesses is able to provide a higher level of security. With chatbot implementation, it also becomes possible to sync systems and brands with most of the communication channels which is already used by consumers. Because of chatbot implementation, customers will be able to reduce the number of interfaces and apps which they have to manage.

Simplified processes


Many users are intimidated by complex interfaces and because of chatbot implementation, it is possible to simplify many of the currently used processes. This can help to increase natural language driven conversations which are conducted across popular communication channels. This may include target areas such as websites, SMS, email and messaging platforms. With the implementation of chatbots, it is possible to streamline business operations and this can allow employees to deal with necessary tasks a lot quicker. This will result in better efficiency and productivity and there will also be better resource allocation. This will also result in fewer emails and calls to support services. Chatbots can also provide businesses with better visibility. This is because the analytics which has been collected by chatbots can result in greater visibility which can help to better understand employee and customer behavior.

Chatbots have a tremendous impact


It has been seen repeatedly how chatbots have the ability to impact multiple industries. Those conversational chatbots really help customers to complete tasks a lot quicker and they deliver service in real time and is also able to personally guide customers while purchases are made. The reality is that chatbots can remain engaged in all of the communication channels which is already used by customers and they can do this 24 hours a day. For chatbot implementation no coding skills are necessary and the systems already supply NLP capabilities and solutions. Furthermore, chatbots are able to learn over time and this allows the chatbot to anticipate the future needs of consumers and this is resulting in stronger consumer relationships. Chatbots is also able to use insights and data to increase loyalty and conversion.