The 2024 AI technology leap is a new era of autonomous driving, tech companies accelerate the development



At present, the big model is constantly upgraded, and the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) continues to maintain a high prosperity. With the help of the rapid development of AI, autonomous driving has become the core technology “highland” of major automobile manufacturers around the world, and has attracted more and more attention and discussion from consumers.

AI stimulates autonomous driving

Autonomous driving refers to the ability to independently perceive the surrounding environment, make decisions and perform the driving tasks through cash sensors, controllers, actuators, computing platforms, communication technology and other devices without the direct control of the human driver, so as to realize safe and efficient vehicle operation.

At present, autonomous driving has achieved diversified applications in different fields such as public transportation, taxi, logistics and distribution, and urban infrastructure. In the future, with the further development of technology and the improvement of regulations, it is expected that more application scenarios are expected to appear.

Autonomous driving technology, as one of the important applications in the field of artificial intelligence, is gradually entering the public life and becoming an important development direction of transportation. It plays an important role in the improvement of traffic safety, the optimization of traffic efficiency and the choice of travel modes.

Technology layout of autonomous driving enterprises

In the field of autonomous driving, millimeter-wave radar, global navigation satellite system, laser radar and inertial sensors have great investment potential. In terms of application field, the capital market in the field of autonomous driving freight is relatively active, and the global satellite navigation system, lidar, inertial inertial sensor and so on have become the hot areas of enterprise technological innovation.

From the background of the participating manufacturers, the related companies cut into the autonomous driving business in different ways. Traditional car companies adopt the “gradual” route, starting from the relatively basic and low difficulty of auxiliary driving, and gradually realize the auxiliary driving function of L1 / L2 / L2 +. While Google (GOOG), Baidu (BIDU) and other Internet enterprises choose the “leapfrog” route, “Wei Xiaoli” and other new forces aiming at the L3 step type development.

It’s worth mentioning that Musk’s company Tesla (TSLA) also has intelligent driving capabilities, called FSD, and the current version of the V12 performance improvement is between 10 to 100 times. But the Tesla FSD is a full vision solution and does not use lidar. Recently, it was reported that Tesla’s FSD is about to be launched in China. Before, Tesla built a factory in Shanghai, and related matters have been gradually promoted.

AI giant Nvidia (NVDA) announced on its wechat official account that it is expanding its autonomous driving team in China, seeking to recruit members of the L2 + + urban driving and L3 high-speed driving development team. Under the catalysis of technology, various car companies and technology manufacturers step up the layout and landing of autonomous driving technology.


WiMi is adding more to the autonomous driving app

Undoubtedly, in the current war of new energy vehicle intelligent driving, many manufacturers have followed up, in the participation of autonomous driving has superior conditions. At the same time, WiMi hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as an enterprise in the autonomous driving industry, has a wide range of technological background. With the rapid development of new technologies covering artificial intelligence, 5G communication, big data, augmented reality, ARHUD and other technologies, it is closely connected with the intelligent driving market and has a clear industry trend.

In fact, WiMi has set up a core technical team, coordinated the AI computing power, large model, and actively carried out the development and research of L2 + and L3 level intelligent driving technology, and achieved initial development results. In addition, WiMi is based on the large-scale intelligent simulation system and AI autonomous learning decision-making framework, which provides mass-produced autonomous driving solutions, strengthens the technology closed-loop capability building, and plays a key role in accelerating the landing of artificial intelligence autonomous driving technology. More importantly, this will be able to infinitely expand their own AI ecological map to a certain extent.

To sum up

In general, the prospect of autonomous driving industry is improving in the long term. When mainstream manufacturers attack, these will drive the whole industrial chain, accelerate the end of the downtrend cycle, and thus start a new upward cycle. Looking forward to the future, with the development of AI, 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, the performance and stability of autonomous driving system have been greatly improved. Autonomous driving technology will run through the business model, which will achieve more breakthroughs and market applications.2024 may still be a challenging year.