Tencent Cloud Announces Support for Mildom (DouYu Japan), Providing Seamless Online Interaction

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funglr Games

Tencent Cloud, the cloud service business of Tencent Holdings, announced that it will support Mildom, a video distribution service operated by DouYu Japan Inc.DouYu Japan is a joint venture between DouYu International Holdings Limited (a Chinese company) and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (a Japanese company). 「テンセントクラウド」が次世代ライブコミュニケーションシステム「MeetU」に低遅延・高品質の配信ソリューションの提供を発表! Higher quality and safer webcast serviceTencent Cloud’s support for Mildom aims to provide users with a safe and enjoyable space, and will leverage Tencent Cloud’s cutting-edge solutions to enhance its competitiveness in the industry an…

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