Tenancy Deposit Laws: Examining the Best Ways for Tenants to Ensure that they can Claim Back their Full Deposit

  • Examining the best ways for tenants to prevent landlords from unjustly withholding their deposits
  • What are the circumstances in which a landlord can withhold a tenant’s deposit? A legal perspective

SYK Cleaning is an eminent company based in Ilford, United Kingdom that provides reputable cleaning services to a plethora of businesses and individuals and consequently allows them to attain a 100% reimbursement in relation to their deposit towards the end of their tenancy agreement. 

As a result of consistently operating at an extremely high standard, SYK Cleaning is best known for their unrivalled track record in assisting their prolific customers, as well as for their robust corporate ethos. This is reflected by the fact that the company only uses industry-leading eco-friendly cleaning equipment that has been roughly tailored to each individual property. 

A National Problem: Withholding Deposits

According to relevant data that has been provided, a prolific number of tenants all over the UK struggle significantly to acquire their deposits back- even at times when there is ‘no real reason for anything to be deducted’ from them. This may be indicative of a widespread culture of corporate greed within the landlord community, and therefore can serve as an additional reason for why tenants should undoubtedly take a plethora of reasonable measures- including the purchasing of a cleaning service and the adaptation of a holistic proactive approach from the beginning of their tenancy, so as to ensure no unjustified deductions are made.  

Companies such as SYK Cleaning– which has been operating in the industry as a leading figure for several years, can allow tenants to avoid becoming the recipients of any unjust or unconscionable deductions in their property’s deposit by personally guaranteeing that no such deductions can be made as a result of a damaged or soiled property. The company’s prolific industry experience and aforementioned specialisation undoubtedly elects it as a ‘safe choice’ in comparison to some of its more undesirable industry competitors which- albeit effective, offer less qualitative services according to their top critics. 

This is crucial, as today’s corporate climate and relevant common law can make it very easy for tenants to experience a feeling of helplessness or exploitation as a result of such ‘unjust’ deductions. It should be duly noted that landlords can- and often do, exacerbate such a situation by deliberately choosing to over-evaluate their ‘damaged’ belongings and consequently significantly over-claim what’s needed from the deposit. Whilst this can be disputed on a factual basis, such a process can involve a significant amount of legal rigmarole, and can take a significant amount of both time and money- involving local council consultations and potentially even property solicitor fees. 

SYK Cleaning: Final Take and Closer Look

‘In SYK, we always work so as to prioritize our client’s best interests- rather than just robotically and monotonously cleaning their property. Each situation is unique, and our specialised hygiene works always operate in a way that ensures that they can minimise any deductions in the client’s deposit as much as possible’- Mr. Stefan Kiryakov, CEO of SYK Cleaning.


Overall, choosing a passionate and specialised company such as SYK Cleaning can undoubtedly bring in a plethora of long-term benefits for tenants approaching the end of their tenancy agreement. Having personally experienced cases where landlords ‘unjustly’ withhold deposits, the company has chosen to adopt a holistic, critical approach that allows them to tailor each individual case specifically, and consequently prolifically minimize the chances of one of their client’s deposits not being returned- rather than providing an unrealistic ‘deposit back guarantee’ scheme. 

Lastly, it should be duly noted that there are a couple of other crucial facts that tenants should keep in mind in order to avoid any such unjust reductions. For one, all landlords in the United Kingdom have a legal statutory obligation to register a tenant’s deposit with a relevant government-approved tenancy deposit scheme- also known as TDP. Within England, such TDPs can include:  MyDeposits, The Deposit Protection Service, or the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. 

Tenants should ensure this is done- reporting their landlords to their relevant housing council if its not, as such government approved agencies are there to ensure a tenant can always get their deposit back if they: a) meet the terms of their tenancy agreement- including any restrictive covenants set in place, b) regularly pay their rent and bills, and c) do not damage the landlord’s property.



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