Tech companies are betting on AI to fight for a say in the future


Since the ChatGPT wind started at the end of last year, the AIGC frenzy has swept the world. Among them, Silicon Valley artificial intelligence giants Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) are now the most prominent pair of “enemies”, in search, cloud computing, and other fields are very fierce competition.

Recently, Google and Microsoft once again reported financial results on the same day. If the last time it was a tie, even better, this time Microsoft won.

Microsoft’s latest financial data showed that revenue of $56.5 billion, up 13% year on year, higher than market expectations of $54.5 billion, giving the market a very bright answer. Google, on the other hand, was less prominent, with revenue of $76.69 billion, up 11% from a year earlier. It was Google’s first return to double-digit growth after four consecutive quarters of single-digit revenue growth.

While Google’s revenue also beat market expectations and its core advertising business grew 9% year-over-year, Google’s AI cloud business missed expectations and growth slowed further to 22%. Overall, Microsoft’s financial results beat market expectations in all dimensions, with double-digit growth in total revenue, with smart cloud revenue up 19% year on year and Azure up 29% year on year.

Microsoft CEO Satay Nadella also said that Microsoft will inject the Copilot AI assistant into its entire product line. ” Through Copilot, we will create a real AI era for people and businesses around the world. We’re rapidly integrating AI into every layer of the technology stack.”

Professionals also analyzed the two technology giants that released financial results on the same day, although their technical routes and business models, are highly coupled in the enterprise strategy model and do not waver in the AI strategy, and the market has high attention to the AI field.

Bet on AI, and have a voice in the future

In 2023, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into the public’s life will only accelerate. In particular, the next generation of generative AI tools will go far beyond chatbots and image generators, and generative AI creation platforms for video and music have emerged, which will become more powerful and user-friendly in the future, with exciting new applications emerging behind them.

It is worth mentioning that at present, the industry continues to discuss and polish the development and commercialization of the AI big model, and the development of the big model to the end is coming. The artificial intelligence investment opportunities will be further extended to the field of computing power in the future, and the investment in cloud computing, big model, and AI application fields is brewing the next wave of investment opportunities.

Scientific and technological innovation creates a new engine for AI development

With the continued development of ChatGPT and AI, global investors expect a lot from AI, and the capital market is also looking for investment opportunities in related areas. According to the latest foreign media reports, Apple (AAPL) is actively training to improve Siri’s “intelligence”, which is expected to be available in the iOS 18 system.

Apple’s goal is to catch up with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, focusing on more complex tasks using voice models. It is also reported that Apple plans to use generative AI technology on the iPhone and iPad as early as the end of 2024. If the plan works, the generative AI feature is expected to be used in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 for the first time, but it’s not clear how Apple will use the technology.

Coincidentally, with the leap development of generative artificial intelligence and big language models, artificial intelligence technology is closely related to every enterprise. While cheering for technological progress, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) has also begun to explore at a deeper level. Generative AI and large language models have brought beacon guidance. AI strategy has naturally become a great investment field of WiMi. In this process, it actively releases the power of AI and provides dedicated AI computing power, solutions, and services for global industries and enterprises.

The landing and popularization of AI is not only a single topic but also related to the full product combination and all-directional, full-stack capability layout. Learned, micro beauty holographic deep in this field for many years, through the application of advanced artificial intelligence technology to improve work efficiency, demand decision-making ability, focus on promoting AI in the client, edge, network, and scale application of the cloud, can be widely covered AIGC, autopilot, biological health industry scenarios AI calculate force deployment requirements.

Analysts believe that the digital economy and the real economy continue to deepen integration, the development of new technologies represented by artificial intelligence is accelerating, and the process of digitalization, intelligence, and greening in all walks of life continues to accelerate. For example, Microsoft, Apple, WiMi, and other technology giants will continue to give full play to their technological and ecological advantages, accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence applications, promote the coordinated development of digital and green applications, and provide stronger momentum for the integration of digital and real applications.

To sum up

Artificial intelligence gives more possibilities to life. Because the content generation capabilities of the advent of ChatGPT will provide key support for today’s transition from user creation (UGC) to AI creation (AIGC). In the long run, AI will bring digitalization and intelligence to traditional industries and industries, which is expected to open up a potential market space of trillions of dollars and a larger market value space and even breed the next generation of technology hardware. Many players have entered, so wait and see!