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Tanya Nolan releases new single “Come harder” featuring Rich Kidd

This R&B singer with a global following has a new release:

Tanya Nolan, a well-known soulful singer and songwriter, never ceases to amaze her fans. She released a new single featuring CMC Rich Kidd. The single is called “Come harder”. Many think this single has true potential to quickly climb up the charts. Across multiple channels, her songs always attract positive reviews. The good news: there is off course a giveaway which can be found right here. 

We managed to get an exclusive interview with Tanya, here is what she said:

See the interview with Tanya Nolan

Do you have a specific sequence and method you follow during songwriting? No, I just go with the flow…I allow my emotions to guide me.


Is there one of your songs which is your personal favourite to date? Yes….No Pressure. The lyric that stands out to me is  “ Nothing but good things lies before us….We will break all generational curses. Power is all in me. POWER IS ME.

Who are the people who influenced your style of music the most? Maya Angelou, Diana Ross,Earth Wind and Fire, The Bee Gees, and Prince


What is your intention for fans who listen to your music? Is that they can receive my lyrics, be moved and entertained by my Vocals and the Beat….they can embrace and endulge in the entire composition.


What was the nicest thing a fan ever said about you? I am your biggest fan and I love you.


Concerning all the dreams you realised, did you imagine you will achieve all this when you were a teenager?



Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Admiring my achievements, watching myself receiving my Awards including a Grammy from my home, still blissfully in love, helping others as I see fit. Simply Loving myself, loving people who love me. LIVING and Loving LIFE.

Who is the most interesting person you know? Myself

Is there one lesson in life you would share with anyone who sees you as a role model? Be Nice to others…Stay in character. Embrace rejections, no and learn who you are. Dream Big on Purpose.

You are also an entrepreneur. Can you share something about this aspect of your journey? Its not easy…but, it’s so worth it. I give all praises to the Most High daily.

Watch this video for the new song – Come Harder

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More about Tanya Nolan:

She is from Galveston, Texas and produces modern R&B and pop music. Tanya lives in Houston, Texas but has quickly gathered a global following. People love her not only for her vibrant personality, but also for her very distinct style of singing. Even those who favor mainstream R&B, recognize that when Tanya sings, it resonates with them and they quickly become lured by the distinct pleasant flavor she brings to R&B. In a very short time, Tanya gathered more than 40 000 Instagram followers – and it keeps climbing: this attests to the popularity of her music and the deep connection she establishes with her followers.

Tanya grew up admiring great artists across many genres of music – but with her distinct voice and the way music evolved, coupled with all her own experiences, led her to this unique style of R&B she produces today. Tanya Nolan is well acquainted with the public since she performed since the age of 15 and shared the stage with celebrities.

Other releases by Tanya include “Love ya”, “No Pressure” and “Rush”. 

Single album cover: COME HARDER

Photo credit: Tanyanolan.net

Renowned singer – Tanya Nolan:

Photo credit: Tanyanolan.net




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