Tamper Evidence Machinery Market Size is Projected to Reach US$ 132.6 Mn by 2032

Tamper Evidence Machinery Market

The market for tamper evidence equipment is expected to be worth US$ 94.9 million in 2022 and US$ 132.6 million by 2032. During the projection period, sales of tamper-evident machinery are anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 3.4%.

One of the main factors propelling the rise of the tamper evidence machinery market share is the FDA’s suggestion that items should have tamper-evident packaging. Additionally, during the forecast period, demand for tamper evidence machines is expected to increase due to the growing necessity to confirm that packaged goods have not been opened or tampered with in order to validate their integrity.

Manufacturers of tamper evidence equipment now have significant new growth potential thanks to the pharmaceutical industry’s rapid expansion. Furthermore, the use of tamper-evident machinery has increased along with worries about product quality in the food, beverage, and cosmetics industries. These factors are expected to lead to an increase in tamper evidence machinery sales over the forecast period. The pharmaceutical industry’s strict new rules and growing worries about packaging quality, however, are hurting the outlook for the tamper evidence machinery market.

Due to its critical role in identifying unauthorised access to a protected goods, tamper evidence equipment is expected to see an increase in popularity. People want to purchase things that are safe to consume given today’s fast-paced lifestyle and elevated health consciousness. Manufacturers of tamper-evident machinery are finding this factor to be advantageous, which is fostering market expansion. Sales of tamper evidence equipment will expand over the projection period due to a tendency toward safety designs in product packaging and various rules imposed by governmental agencies.

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Additionally, there have been numerous instances of food product tampering that call for the employment of tamper evidence tools. As a result, the market share of tamper-evident machinery increased. Depending on the packaging and materials used, protection against package tampering can be accomplished in a number of ways.

The likelihood of product tampering during the packing process has been minimised thanks to tamper detection devices. The need for tamper-evident equipment is also growing since it can quickly determine whether a product was improperly packaged at the warehouse, saving money on labour and transportation when the product needs to be returned to the company for repackaging or trash.

xploring the Different Applications of Tamper Evidence Machinery Driving Demand During 2022-2032

To better understand the tamper-evident meaning, here are some applications that help key players to distinguish their products in the tamper evidence machinery market.

  • Tamper-evident plastic and metal security seals

As tamper-evident refers to protection against manipulation, a plastic or metal security seal can provide this. The type chosen will be determined by the level of security necessary as well as the requirements of the applicable rules. So, before settling on one type or another, it’s a good idea to look over the specs of each model, since these will show whether regulations are met.

  • Security bags

Security bags are impregnable since they are sealed with a zipper seal. They are used to convey sensitive papers and money.

  • Security envelopes

Precintia courier envelopes include an ultra-strong adhesive that offers evidence of attempted opening. There are particular envelope versions for collecting samples, transporting currency, and transporting medical records and X-rays.

  • Security labels

Also known as void labels, are tamper-evident devices because they provide evidence of tampering when removed to open the packing or container. In our post on security labels, we go over the many types of security labels available.

  • Impenetrable packaging

In this context, tamper-evident refers to the same notion as guarantee seals on packaging (for example, in the food sector), as well as the packaging itself, which has already been tested for tampering, as in the case of pharmaceutical packaging.

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Emerging players in the Global Tamper Evidence Machinery Market:

  • Inline Filling Systems, LLC
  • Marburg Industries, Inc.
  • Busch Machinery, Inc
  • Artypac Automation Inc.
  • Tripack USA
  • Quadrel Labeling Systems
  • Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Nita Labeling Equipment
  • Packaging Systems, Inc.

Competitive Landscape

Due to a considerable number of competitors, the tamper evidence machinery market is moderately competitive. Several key market participants in the global tamper evidence machinery market are currently concentrating their efforts on establishing effective joint ventures, acquisitions, and/or collaborations in order to increase their respective customer bases.

Key players stand to gain from being able to cater to their designated target bases on both a global and domestic basis. This factor, together with good prospects coming from Asia-Pacific developing nations such as India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and others, is expected to offer a spike in growth opportunities for companies during the projection period.

The key market players profiled in the report include Tripack, PDC International Corporation, Marburg industries, Inc., American film & machinery, Systempak Ltd, Security technology Inc., Zircon Technologies India Limited, Pack Seals Industries, Matrix Technologies, and Dynaflex Pvt. Ltd.

Recent Developments in the Tamper Evidence Machinery Market:

  • PDC International announced the launch of a new R-Series with a new R-150 Shrinklabeler with a more advanced version in September 2021.
  • PDC International formed a cooperation with Yankee Candle in December 2019. PDC will supply a 90C-E Shrink Sleever for the packaging of candles, ensuring that they remain protected, clean, and undamaged throughout distribution and at the point of purchase.
  • Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc announced the launch of their new factory in San Diego County, CA in September 2018.
  • Bandall International revealed this new optional capability for Bandall banding equipment in June 2020. This will enable the machine to manufacture multiple bandwidths in a matter of seconds, further enhancing the flexibility already afforded by Bandall banding technology.

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Key Market Segments in the Tamper Evidence Machinery Market

By Material Type:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Paper Lids
  • Metals
  • Others

By Product Type:

  • Induction Seal
  • Film wrappers
  • Bubble packs
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Bottle mouth inner seals
  • Others

By End Use:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetic Industries

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA
  • Europe