Stirrup Bender Market Report Includes Dynamics, Products, and Application

Stirrup Bender Market

Due to their quick and simple operation, automatic stirrup benders can increase production. It is possible to significantly increase the tonnage by removing the smaller bars from the cutting system. It is capable of cutting and bending in one motion. Automatic stirrup bending can increase production while decreasing labour costs, increasing accuracy, and speeding up the process. Three or four operators using a cutting system and benders cannot produce as much as one operator using a single Automatic Stirrup Bender.

The Jayee product line has been updated with KRB Auto Stirrup Benders to give the market a reliable, affordable substitute. KRB now has a line of field performers that consistently perform well thanks to robust American manufacturing and improved design. Jaypee India Ltd now offers the complete line of automatic benders, cutting systems, and rebar pre-fabrication tools from KRB in addition to automatic stirrup benders.

By bending a cold-rolled, ribbed steel bar, a different type of ribbed stirrup is created. When there isn’t a CNC machine, stirrups can be made with basic equipment, but the productivity is very low. The traditional work methods were increasingly unable to meet the demand for production as stirrups were used more frequently in building construction. At this time, the CNC stirrup bending machine was created, and many manufacturers coveted its high efficiency and good bending quality. Construction sites and stirrup processing and distribution centres are typically the two locations where stirrup bending opportunities can be found. One of the key pieces of equipment for manufacturing stirrups is the CNC machine. Because they are professional organization for processing steel bars, the requirement for the performance of machine is very high.

The stirrup bending device is a processing tool used in steel fabrication. It is a steel bending machine extension that is more effective at achieving the required angles and specifications. The majority of stirrup bending equipment is CNC equipment. The semi-automatic and automatic CNC bending machines are separated into these categories. The stirrup bending machine is primarily used to construct cold- and hot-rolled three-grade steel and ribbed steel. Additionally, there are hooks and hoops for hot-rolling and cold-rolling circular steel bars. The automatic bending machine benefits from low equipment failure rates, quick steel bar bending speeds, low energy consumption without damaging ribs, low noise, and light vibration; it is highly effective.

computer-based command High intelligence integration control and feeding are included with the automatic stirrup bending machine. It is used to scale, straighten, bend, form, cut, and perform other single-live processes in order to direct the production of stirrups in a variety of sizes. Since a high power feeding motor ensures accurate bar bending, stirrup accuracy requirements are met. A double wire intake system that operates automatically doubles productivity efficiency.

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Global Stirrup Bender Market: Major Players
MEP Group
Gengli Machinery
SKZ Intelligent Equipment Co. , Ltd
Schnell Group
Henan Yongyi Tongfeng
Langfang CABR Construction Machinery Technology
EVG Group
Tianjin Yinfeng Mechanical System Engineering
Shandong Lianhuan
TJK Machinery Co.,Ltd

Global Stirrup Bender Market: Types
Single Line Processing Capacity 5-14 mm
Single Line Processing Capacity 10-18 mm

Global Stirrup Bender Market: Applications
Building Construction

Stirrups made of reinforced steel can be bent on one or more sides, in three dimensions, or they can be open or closed. Rebar stirrups can then be welded into mesh and cages, intertwined for fastening, or otherwise processed. Stirrups are used in pillars, girders, strip foundations, or lintels as well as to connect two walls and act as spacers between wall and ceiling elements. They have a major impact on the precast concrete element’s static properties. The Pluristar is a triple-bending, straightening, and automatic stirrup bending machine in one. It can work with wires with a diameter of 6 to 16 mm. The combined straightening system, which consists of a rotor straightening unit and a roller straightening unit, is the heart of the Pluristar. With the aid of just one machine, this special combination enables the flexible production of stirrups, straight rebars, and rebars with significant bends. The appropriate straightening unit is inserted fully automatically depending on the product provided.