Steve Rodgers’ New Show The Alchemy of Business – An Invaluable Resource for Business Leaders

While striving for success in their businesses, many entrepreneurs incessantly search for insight into their greater purpose and advice on creating a purpose-driven business. As a result, they are often looking for practical and actionable business solutions and guidance on achieving overall success in their work. 

There’s a new and exciting business podcast and video show that meets all these needs: The Alchemy of Business is easily accessible on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, E360 TV, and many other major podcast, video, and radio platforms. The show is hosted by bestselling author, international keynote speaker, and in-demand purpose-driven business consultant, Steve Rodgers. 

Top Names in Business Share Their Experiences

The Alchemy of Business is delivered in an interview-style format, with guests making up many of the top names in the business world today, such as international keynote speaker Brian Tracy, author of over 70 bestselling books and a consultant to a myriad of companies, as well as Marshall Goldsmith, Jimmy Mistry, Greg Reid, and more. 

As a result, The Alchemy of Business brings together a mix of topics featuring purpose-driven leaders with a strong message of resilience and positivity. These individual and unique stories narrate their journeys of both failures and successes and all the ups and downs in between. 

Brian Tracy quoted as saying of the show: “I highly recommend Steve Rodgers’ The Alchemy of Business show for anyone who has a passion for becoming better in business and life. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, coaches, consultants, and anyone seeking to evolve themselves will find much to inspire and inform them.” 

Listeners and viewers can tune in every Thursday at 11 am PST to get a deeper understanding of business through the eyes of those who have experienced it.

The Search for Productivity, Profitability, and Purpose

This show has the precise objective of helping business leaders become even more ‘productive, profitable, and purposeful.’ With Steve Rodgers at the helm, boasting a resume that includes holding positions from branch manager to the CEO of a Warren Buffett company before setting off on his own, listeners can count on his first-hand wisdom and experience in developing business and spiritual intelligence.

Before starting his own company, Rodgers led Prudential California Realty as CEO and President. Under his leadership, his team achieved exceptional growth and success, resulting in, at its peak, the generation of sales of over $25 billion. Rodgers is also a member of Della Leaders Club, the world’s first global business platform, and a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, and a Global Chancellor of Junior Achievement.

From Prudential, Rodgers then transitioned into his own company: Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate – a franchise in San Diego ranking in the top 5 of all real estate companies. From there, he began to build his firm Alchemy Advisors, focusing on consulting, coaching, training, and board advising. This company helps business owners and leaders transition, transform, and evolve through an integrated model intertwined with spiritual intelligence, which they are uniquely guided to infuse into their life and business.

Inviting God and Goodness In

Steve Rodgers has authored Amazon’s #1 best-selling book: ” “From Lead to Gold,” as well as “The IGI Principles.” In “The IGI Principles,” readers learn about the idea of IGI (pronounced “iggy”), which stands for Inviting God and Goodness In, as opposed to succumbing to EGO (Edging God and Goodness Out). 

It explores Rodgers’ IGI formula, namely developing business values around forgiveness, gratitude, integrity, service, and trust. The book outlines how business owners and leaders can “have it all”  because it gives solid, practical advice and guidance on how businesses and their leaders can operate hugely profitable companies yet remain true to their moral principles and contribute to bettering the planet. 

Both these books usher readers through adopting higher moral values in business and seeking growth and success from their obstacles and challenges both professionally and personally. The new Alchemy of Business show dovetails well with the concepts explored within Steve Rodgers’ books and brings to life these ideas through discussions with its guests. 

Rodgers’ message throughout his business initiatives, writing, and now his podcast is one of motivation, positivity, and a spirituality-infused business drive. He also mirrors this in his philanthropic efforts, such as serving on several committees and boards while also donating his time and resources to educational institutions, charities, community events, and several other well-deserving causes.

Reap Financial and Spiritual Rewards

The Alchemy of Business show is the perfect marriage of business leadership advice, motivational speaking, and spiritual intelligence, with first-hand experience from real business front-runners. Because it airs weekly, business owners and leaders can integrate this podcast into their business development model in order to ensure that they too will grow into more spiritually aware and intelligent enterprises and reap the added financial rewards that come with it. The integration of manifesting the highest levels of fulfillment and meaning in both your personal life and business life to serve others at the deepest, most meaningful levels is what true Alchemy is all about.