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Some Christians are Changing Their Views on CBD

Communities are quickly rethinking their approach in view of new legislation and trends among Doctors

As new laws sweep across states, changing the legality of CBD, psychedelics and other substances, how are various communities responding? Some Christians are turning over a new leaf as far as the use of CBD is concerned. Christians are naturally concerned about promoting marijuana use and they are not sure about using CBD. In fact, they are deterred from accepting CBD as having any health benefits simply because it is closely related to marijuana and marijuana has a bad name. Yet, CBD with ZERO THC, has no psychoactive properties like the drug that they are referring to.

There is a detailed article published on Christianity Today in which a particular baby was born with a small brain, cysts and cavities in her brain, and spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. It means that the damaged part of the brain sends incorrect messages and that interferes with development of normal motor functions. The result is loss of use of the whole body. As if that was not enough, three months after birth she had uncontrollable seizures (12 sets per day), known as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS). The baby could not even smile or coo and the illness took a toll on family life. The doctors gave the baby many types of medications including steroid injections but there was no improvement. The mother of the baby reported, “We went from trying to find seizure freedom to just trying to find any kind of reduction—to increase her quality of life.”

Next, the mother heard about CBD but was at first reluctant to use it since her Christian beliefs did not allow her to use it. She mentioned it to the neurologist who immediately reassured her. For a long time, she could not give her child CBD because in her mind she still associated it with marijuana. Then her friend told her that there was nothing wrong with CBD and that there was nothing to lose either.

After thorough searching she found good quality CBD and gave it to her child. Within 3 days of giving her a few drops under the tongue there was a huge improvement. Eventually she, the baby, went for 6 months without seizures and she could play with her toys spontaneously, make purposeful movements and play with other children. “It’s miraculous. It baffles me that that minute amount can combat one of the most severe forms of epilepsy,” said the mother. That was no coincidence. That was CBD working. That led to the approval of Epidiolex for seizures associated with LGS and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex is a mixture of high-quality CBD oil with traces of THC.

Another Christian who was converted to the use of CBD apparently a chiropractor based in Eagan, Minnesota. He has witnessed positive results on at least 100 patients who took CBD without any problems. Most of the patients suffered from pain, anxiety, insomnia and seizures. He said, “Hemp-based CBD oil is not the same as marijuana. You get the anti-inflammatory [effects], the pain relief without the high. For some people, it really is and has been a lifesaver.”

One of his patients had multiple surgeries which led to chronic pain and the need for strong pain killers. He was prescribed opioids to which he became dependent and became suicidal. He says CBD easily helped that suicidal patient to manage his pain and to break free from his addiction to opioids and the quality of his life improved. He also told Christianity Today that after breaking free from opioids the patient stopped taking opioids and he is still alive and well. He claims that CBD was a very useful tool for him to help his patient.

This is a church-going Christian who used to be reluctant to use CBD as an authentic treatment. He had the same concerns as many other Christians at first so he did not want to be involved in any substance that promoted the use of marijuana. Once he saw a number of research results, he changed his mind.

Already many states have approved the use of CBD oil only, coming close to establishing medical marijuana programs, just to help kids suffering from devastating seizures.

There is definitely a movement within the Christian community as one by one they turn to CBD in order to combat different types of medical conditions. Hopefully this story and research findings that are coming up every month will help to shed light on the long list of health benefits attributable to CBD. As we all stand together against the war on drugs and the opioid crisis, let’s support government agencies like the FDA who are responsible for shaping a responsible future.

Rita Monteiro

Rita – After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Rita mostly covers business and Technology topics, but at times loves to write about reviews as well.
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