Soma Technologies is Making Cognitive Performance Training Accessible

  • An academic study has shown that brain endurance training reduces mental fatigue. 
  • It has also shown a distinct correlation between cognitive training and mental and physical performance. 
  • Soma Technologies is providing a means for athletes and coaches to engage in cognitive performance training anytime and anywhere using iPhones and commercially available computers. 

A recent academic study conducted at the University of Birmingham investigated the effects of engaging in brain endurance training (BET) during physical activity. They expected that engaging in a task which is fatiguing for the brain could increase an individual’s resistance to mental fatigue as well as increasing physical performance more so than only engaging in physical training. Participants in the trial performed a short endurance exercise 24 times over a six week period. Some participants performed BET before the endurance test, some performed BET during the endurance exercise and the control group did not perform BET. The performance of the participants was measured using a number of different metrics. The study found that participants who performed BET improved 32% while the control group only improved 12%. They concluded that, “Concurrent BET improved endurance performance over physical training alone”. Additionally, the academics also noted that the level of oxygenation in the brain indicated a, “reduced mental effort during physical activity”. 

The relationship between cognitive function and physical performance has also been well-documented. Improvements in cognitive function lead to improvements in physical performance due to the mentally taxing nature of physically performing at a high level. Additionally, athletes are required to make split-second decisions which can dramatically impact the outcome of their performance. As has been demonstrated, cognitive performance training has a significant impact of increasing resistance to mental fatigue. 

Soma Technologies and Their Cognitive Performance Training Platform

Soma Technologies is a platform that enables cognitive performance training for both coaches and athletes. The platform is accessible through both a computer and an iPhone and it allows athletes and coaches to dynamically assess performance in real time. Coaches and other sport organizations can see an athlete’s performance in real time and adjust their training regiment as they see fit. Additionally, athletes are able to assess their own performance over time and witness the improvement to both their physical and mental dexterity. All of these features are available anytime and anywhere thanks to the use of iPhones as the devices for training. As a result athletes and coaches or sports organizations do not need to use expensive facilities or maintain close physical contact with one another. 

Cognitive performance training is a relatively new field and Soma Technologies is leading the way in pushing this field forward and making it more accessible than ever before. Typically cognitive performance training requires expensive equipment which can only be accessed in a facility setting. Thanks to the Soma App, anyone interested in cognitive training can access this without the need for a dedicated facility and professional guidance. This level of accessibility is something which has not been seen before in the field of cognitive training. These advancements are thanks to the ever increasing computing capacity of cellphones in combination with the hard work and forward thinking of Soma Technologies. 

The level of accessibility which Soma provides does not mean that any aspect of functionality needs to be compromised. The technology which Soma has developed is used by a number of universities around the world in their sports science departments. This includes Birmingham University which is the seventh best university in the world in the field of sports science. Universities are using Soma Technologies to conduct research into a number of fields which include: cognitive sports performance, mental toughness, pressure training and mental fatigue. Additionally, Soma Technologies is beginning research on the effects of cognitive training on concussion patients in the third quarter of 2022. This research is being conducted alongside a university with which Soma has been working for two years. Additionally, Soma has secured multiple four year research grants with this same university. The level of technology which Soma is able to include in their applications is significant and this is leading to a potential reduction in the need for more expensive equipment which can only be used in a facility setting. 

The collaboration between Soma Technologies and universities has allowed Soma to provide an unparalleled level of detail in the cognitive data which it produces. This allows both coaches and athletes to gain a deeper level of understanding of how their cognitive training is affecting their physical and mental performance. Research conducted in the area of sports science has revealed that an athlete’s ability to perform physically is reduced by the impact of mental fatigue. Additionally, research has also shown that when cognitive training is performed correctly, such as in the aforementioned study, it can expand an athletes mental capacity and increase their ability to resist fatigue in both their mind and body. This additional level of resilience can give athletes the ability to outperform their competition and stay alert long after other athletes have succumbed to mental or physical exhaustion. 

Soma Technologies has developed two platforms to facilitate the cognitive performance training of athletes. The first platform is the mobile application Soma NPT which allows athletes to engage in cognitive performance training. This application can be used anytime and anywhere which makes it highly accessible. Additionally, there are over 70 different training tasks which are available within the application to ensure that boredom is not a factor in cognitive training. The second platform is Soma Analytics which is designed for computers. This is a neural engine that is linked to Soma NPT and it allows coaches, teams and sports organizations to monitor and customize the performance of their athletes. This provides a high level of data in real time which allows for the constant monitoring of an athlete. Additionally, changing an athlete’s training routine can be done without any complications. 

Final Thoughts 

Soma Technologies is making the field of cognitive performance training more convenient and accessible than ever thanks to their training platforms for both athletes and coaches. These platforms allow for real time monitoring of an athletes performance and dynamic changing of their training programs. This eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome equipment which can only be accessed in a facility setting. The level of accessibility has not come at the expense of quality with many highly regarded universities using Soma Technologies in their sports science departments.