Softdrinks and heart disease: Shocking research findings

A groundbreaking discovery has been made by researchers at Harvard. It has been discovered that various sports drinks and sodas can significantly increase the possibility that someone might die from either breast or colon cancer or from heart disease. After careful research over a substantial amount of time it has now been discovered that the more soft drinks a person consume especially those with a high sugar content the more likely would it be that they could die from heart disease. The same thing was true for those people dying from colon or breast cancer, their consumption of sweetened beverages significantly increased their risk factor. A lot of data on the subject has already been available and this latest study only adds to the conclusions which has already been made and the facts are inescapable that sugary beverages can have a very bad impact on the health of a person. There can no longer be any doubt that drinking sports drinks or soda or any of a variety of other sugary beverages will substantially increase a person’s risk of dying from various forms of cancer or from heart disease.

Artificial sweeteners


One would assume that all kinds of sweeteners are basically the same but this apparently is not the case because drinking beverages which contains artificial sweeteners does not produce the same negative health conditions than those containing commercially manufactured sweeteners. This does not mean that people drinking beverages containing artificial sweeteners is completely off the hook because it has been discovered that females who has a habit of drinking four diet beverages or more are more likely to die from heart disease than people who don’t. These latest facts are not yet satisfactorily confirmed because there is a possibility that such people could have switched from drinking regular soda to those containing artificial sweeteners very recently therefore providing researchers with misleading data. Nevertheless this should provide people with at least some doubts as far as artificially sweetened beverages is concerned. However there are a lot of valid research that has shown that when people consume artificial beverages instead of regular ones than the likelihood that they may suffer from heart disease or from various kinds of cancer is reduced substantially. Nevertheless most reputable researchers continue to urge people to drink water which is still the most natural liquid available in nature. Reliable data collected over many years makes it very clear that the consumption of sugary beverages will lead to weight problems in people and when this happens the health of a person will always suffer. In a worst case scenario this can lead to heart disease, obesity and even type II diabetes. According to researchers a nasty picture is busy to emerge and the latest study is by no means a random discovery because some of the data has also emerged from other research projects.

The escalating cost of US healthcare


Over the last couple of decades many studies have been done and scientists have now determined that sugar should take up no more than 10% of the total calorie consumption per day. In other words in a person who regularly consume 1500 Cal per day, such a person should then consume no more than 150 Cal of sugar in that same day. To see this problem in perspective one has to consider that most of the popular cans of soda already contains 150 Cal and this converts to 75% of the daily allowance of the average human being. The picture is growing worse very quickly because according to research for every additional sugary beverage which is consumed a person’s risk of dying from heart disease might increase by as much as 10%. Under optimal conditions a human being should not drink any sweetened beverages at all but in the event that the person has a weekly intake of one or two sweetened beverages then the impact of that habit will be very small. To give people a proper scope of the efforts which has been made by the researchers they should know that the data has been collected from almost 120,000 women and men and research has taken place over a period of 30 years. There is a small chance of corruption in the data but even so the error rate is very small and therefore the conclusions is trustworthy and incorporating them into your diet could have substantial long-term health benefits.

What does soda makers say?


Naturally with all of the criticism emerging from reputable research organizations not having any response from the American beverage Association will be very strange indeed since they are representing some of the largest soda makers in the US. A spokesman for this organization maintains that soda drinks are safe to consume as long as they form part of a balanced diet. The problem is that most of their customers does not maintain a healthy and a balanced diet and therefore they are doing themselves a tremendous amount of harm as they persist with their consumption of sugary beverages. The spokesperson also said that they do not think that anyone should over consume sugar and this is why there are dedicated efforts within the industry to reduce the amount of sugar which people consume by drinking a wide variety of US manufactured beverages. It is remarkable how forthcoming these billion dollar organizations can be when research are leaving them with no other option. The only problem is that their advice is coming too late for those people who have expired from heart disease and cancer in the last two or three years.



There has been so many changes in the dietary habits of people over the last five decades and at frequent intervals new reports has been made available which condemned this or that habit claiming a wide variety of reasons why those habits can be harmful to human health. This can sometimes make it very difficult for the average person to stay abreast of all the things happening in the world today and therefore in the end the most important thing is to remain positive and to live life fully and without regrets.

Rita Monteiro

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