Soft Robotics Market Potential Growth, Share, Demand and Analysis

Soft Robotics Market

Soft Robotics Market size was valued at USD 620.2 Million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 10,839 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 39.13% from 2023 to 2030.

Soft robotics, a subfield of construction robots, provides reprogrammable, dynamic, and adaptive systems that cleverly connect sensing and action. Soft robotics refers to a system primarily composed of substances having mechanical characteristics like those of living tissues. Retail, food and beverage, logistics, and the healthcare industries have all been impacted by the product supply chain innovation. Additionally, soft robotics enables users to recognize their surroundings and react appropriately, enhancing the manufacturing process’ flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, soft robotics suppliers create materials, components, and sizable active structures that can securely relate to the production process, in contrast to robots built of hard components. Soft robotics can be used to simplify the designs of mechanical and computational robots. In addition, soft robotics and tissue engineering are used to construct hybrid medical systems. Additionally, soft robotics can be separated into divisions such as robot grippers, medical robots, and other similar ones depending on the robotics applications.

In the fields of rehabilitation, medicine, and applications involving movement and exploration, wearable soft robotics is more frequently used. The hyper-elastic materials used to construct wearable soft robots, such as gels and elastomers, are focused on sensors and actuators of motion. Over the anticipated period, the market for wearable soft robotics will see considerable and attractive growth prospects due to the rising number of research and development activities in various economies. The key driver fueling the market’s expansion during the anticipated period is the increase in medical and healthcare demands. Actuation and transmission are the fundamental goals when engaging with the human body to take the role of damaged muscles or skeletal systems. The wearer is assisted in performing a variety of tasks by the actuation between the rigid exoskeleton and the exposits. In the field of healthcare, wearable soft robotics has a variety of uses, including as direct physical interaction between humans and machines, hip exoskeletons, design, modelling, and control. Over the anticipated time, all of these elements are anticipated to fuel the wearable soft robotics market’s expansion.

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Global Soft Robotics Market: Major Players
Rewalk Robotics Ltd
Roam Robotics
Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc
ABB Ltd.
Bioservo Technologies AB
Soft Robotics Inc
Festo AG
Righthand Robotics Inc
Yaskawa Electric Corporation

Global Soft Robotics Market: By Types
Soft Grippers
Wearables (Exoskeletons)
Inflated Robots

Global Soft Robotics Market: By Applications
Food and Beverages
Medical and Healthcare

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