Social media is a product not a disease

Today there are numerous discussions on the impact of social media on society. It stands to reason that often people may blame social media for some very ancient human traits which raises a question on the merit of the the matter. At SnatchBot, for example, we are learning so much about humans and the way they interact with technology – and AI helps us to make sense of data that many ordinary folks would not know how to interpret.

Just because social media amplify a lot of events – it may seem that moral values is at an all-time low and everyone seems to be doing whatever they want. There are now those who say that there is a lot of evidence that is now pointing to a society which is mentally ill. Apparently this phenomenon is even more evident among young people. They are those who have been suggesting that addiction to social media is in fact a disease and should be treated as such. Not everyone agrees and there are those who say that MPs who are making these claims are no longer serving society as one would expect them to do. Looking at this problem objectively, diagnosing addiction to social media as a disease simply means that the origin of this problem is something which has its origin in the mind. This is not entirely true because social media is a product of our society it is not something which emerges from the recesses of a human being. A report by MPs is also making other acknowledgments such as the fact that modern technological companies have a viable interest in promoting the use of social media among all age groups also among teenagers.

The impact on the youth


The competition among marketers and businesses have the result that millions of young people are now inundated with unneeded social and commercial pressures and they are now made the victims of the system. Experts in the area of mental health is now seeing increasing evidence of a society which is suffering from mental illness and unfortunately young people is not excluded from this phenomena. Therefore the claim that social media is now a diagnosable disease which may require inoculation or other medical treatments is completely absurd. Our leaders of the day need to find ways to more effectively address both the economic and social elements which are clearly the leading causes of the distress which is encountered by both young and old in societies today. It is very sad that the very society who are supposed to nurture and protect our children is now becoming the monster which is devouring them from inside their young minds.

Teenagers experiences


There are many teenagers who are favorably disposed toward social media because of the opportunities which it provides to establish strong and healthy friendships. Social media is also providing them with exposure to the wider global community but on the negative side teenagers is increasingly concerned about the social pressures and other unneeded drama with which they are inundated on a daily basis. Recent research among teenagers has revealed that they are very much aware of the unique challenges which they are facing because of their existence in a digital age. Hundreds of millions of teenagers are today actively involved in social media and many of them have reported their feelings of been overwhelmed by all of the drama taking place on social media platforms which is creating problems for those who are struggling to construct positive images for themselves. However there are also those teenagers who do not hesitate to give credit to social media platforms for the positive things which it provides such as more and stronger friendships and the ability to be exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints and social media also provide them with the unique opportunity to help their friends and to support them more effectively when needed.

In conclusion


There are pros and cons to everything – also technology and AI. That a problem exists cannot be denied but likewise to claim that everything is bad is also not an accurate statement. Research among teenagers reveal that over 80% of these teenagers feel more connected because of social media because they are well informed regarding the things taking place in the lives of their friends. Almost 70% of teenagers have also said that being on social media provides them with the peace of mind that there are many people on whom they can rely to support them when they themselves are going through difficult times. Over all, studies have indicated that there are more positive feelings among teenagers towards social media than there are negative ones.

Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp (Snatch Group Limited). He leads the Group’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for running all facets of the tech business which includes being the architect of the platforms and UI interfaces. Avi has proven tech track record and 15+ years of demonstrated career success developing tech initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope. Avi possesses in-depth experience in developing digital market places within Fintech and AI.
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