Smoking kills 15,000 in Greece every year. Syriza impotence to blame

With an ageing and declining population, Greece thinks losing another 15 000 citizens per year to smoking, is in no way to be treated as a priority. Research specialists scraped feedback from online review forums, mining valuable data on sentiment. The overwhelming sentiment from this country where tourism is the backbone, is rather shocking: If you don’t like it, stay home, is what they say to tourists who complain about the disgusting smell of smoke everywhere.

Here is the story:

Smokers continue to put pressure on Greek authorities and therefore legislation as far as smoking laws are concerned never gets finalized. This is resulting in more than 15,000 deaths annually. Apparently, the cost relating to these deaths and the treatment of people is more than the amount which has been earned because of tobacco taxes. These facts have been uncovered because of a recent study by the Hellenic Thoracic society which has shown that Greeks is apparently spending as much as €30 million every single year on tobacco products alone. The findings of this study had been presented to the public on world tobacco day. According to statistics, 37% of Greek adults are smoking. They are also far too many women who continue to smoke during their pregnancy. Three years ago Greece was ranked number one in the world as far as smoking rates are concerned. At that point, 42.5% of Greek adults were smoking. So apparently tobacco taxes have resulted in a 5% decrease in this unhealthy habit. However, because of the influence of the black market, these percentages may not be accurate.

Irresponsible pregnant woman


According to statistics out of the 36% of women who are using tobacco products at the start of pregnancy only 19% will cease to use tobacco products. The majority of them will resume tobacco smoking after birth. It just seems that very few people have the will power to stay away from those addictive ingredients which are found in tobacco products. In the age group 18 to 34 almost 38% of women are smokers. In the age group 35 to 54 more than 51% of smoking. At this stage, many of them are already showing evidence of health-related issues due to smoking. In many of these people there are as much as a 10% increase in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those 2016 reports have indicated that after the increase in tobacco tax many people have simply started to purchase illicit cigarettes. These products are freely available on many streets after they had been smuggled across the borders from neighboring countries. There has been an increase in the cost of treating people who are suffering from tobacco-related conditions.

The leadership must be blamed


Apparently, smoking is so widespread in Greece that even the health minister is openly ignoring the law and is even smoking in the ministry. This even happened during a no smoking event and the minister was photographed where he was dancing and smoking in a club where such actions were banned. What can be expected when the leaders of the nation are setting such a poor example. There has been a lot of criticism from people such as the Health Commissioner of the EU. When the EU health Commissioner visited the Greek health ministry during a world Cancer Day visit, the building was inundated with smoke. However, in Greece people will always smoke when and where they want. They will do so in schools, in taverns, in hospitals, in post offices, in public buildings, in nightclubs, and in bars. The EU health Commissioner said the situation was disgraceful and shocking.

Europeans feel cheated after Greece agreed to anti-smoking laws, got their bailout money – and then played games with the first world by turning back on it’s promises. The only person in recent years to get Greeks to fall in line is evidently President Trump: He got another American military base swiftly, without any protests from the so-called masculine society that protests for everything, including the name of a neighboring country, Macedonia. Europeans are rightly asking the question: What common values do we actually have with this country? This, is basically laying the foundation for China to come and snap up more property bargains, as clearly Europeans, Israeli’s and other regional investors have a poor perception Greece, with very little appetite for investing.