Slovenian PM Janez Jansa Effectively Rebukes Mark Rutte For Imposing Imaginary Values On EU Member States

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
  • Janez Jansa, the PM of Slovenia warned that the EU would collapse after Mark Rutte launched his personal attack on Prime Minister Victor Orban of Hungary.
  • A marginal 50% of EU states support Rutte and Von Der Leyen as they set sights on Hungary, with the EU lacking the political consensus to interfere in Hungary since new LGBT legislation was passed. 
  • Dutch citizens largely disagree with Mark Rutte on his colonial approach as his own country is in disarray. 
Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa assumed the rotating presidency of the EU council last week. His opening statement is seen as a stern rebuke for extreme left elements like Dutch PM Mark Rutte and Von Der Leyen, the EU president, who are seeking to impose their will on smaller states and disregard sovereign laws made by the electorate, especially in countries like Hungary.

Warning against EU collapse

Jansa went on to condemn certain states like the Netherlands, Germany and Spain for imposing “imaginary European values” without respecting local cultures. This was triggered when Hungary outlawed LGBT content in schools and TV, where parliament feels that sexual education of minors is a matter for the parents and not the state. The EU on the other hand, appears to want to force the younger generation to consider all possibilities regarding their sexuality from a young age by indoctrinating them with liberal views against the will of local governments and the electorate. His exact words were: “The European Union brings together countries with different traditions, with different cultures… there are differences that need to be taken into account and respected,” he stated. Imposing “imaginary European values,” he argued, would be the “fastest road to collapse” for the bloc. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen undermined Jansa immediately at the press briefing, when she stated that “freedom of expression, diversity and equality” are fundamental “European values” that need to be upheld.

Other notable commentary from Jansa was that Slovenia is not “a colony” of the EU to be dictated to, much like Orban commented on a Dutch “colonial” mentality, after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte declared earlier that Hungary “has no business being in the European Union any more” if it doesn’t submit to the bloc’s position on LGBT rights. The Netherlands are currently facing rising crime rates, more rapes and violence, due to poor integration of migrants, with islamic extremism on the rise. It is not clear whether these were the type of “common values” Rutte wishes for countries like Hungary to succumb to.

Sources familiar with the matter claim that in Hungary, Prime Minister Victor Orban’s government has never outlawed the LGBT community or their rights, but sought to strike a balance between their rights and that of minors to grow up in a Christian country with relevant values.


Was BREXIT right and do the Swiss know something about the EU?

When the EU attempted to persuade Britain that staying in the block is the right thing to do, brexiteers were adamant that taking back control of their own laws are paramount. The Swiss government also rejected EU membership and the notion of a closer union. EU businesses and citizens are severely harmed by an excessively expanding tax base, the the extent that Greeks are also questioning whether membership of the block is in their benefit at all. For now, it seems that another tower of babel is in the making.