Saving Ryan in the ‘Lost Boy’ Beats

Dropping the beats (and the microphone) out of California’s capital, Sacramento, is American recording hip-hop artist, Ryan Rinauro, whose album ‘Lost Boy’ debuted on 30 July, 2020.

Ryan was born in the small town of Shingle Springs, California where life didn’t always provide positive experiences; dealing with his parents’ divorce and navigating his way to more uplifting experiences the sounds of hip-hop and rap, introduced to Ryan at a young age, were his saving grace in a tumultuous world.

Ryan started listening to hip-hop at the age of 9 when he listened to 50 Cent’s, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, along with this, numerous big names in the hip-hop industry, like Eminem and Jay-Z, were influential beacons for his musical career. Ryan started recording his own music from home at 14 years old, writing and building his own lyrical legacy. 

To dip into the depths of Lost Boy and the melodic mixtures of sounds and lyrics it’s worthwhile to understand the origins of hip-hop and rap music; it started around the mid-1990s and comes from a long line of artists who left their own unique legacies. The sounds emanated from the well-known and probably notorious natures of the West-coast and East-coast rap scenes. The West-coast (think Los Angeles) was rooted in gangsta rap and the sounds were bassy and melodic, a lot of the rap music in the West-coast was about living in gangs, street-life, and drugs; life was also quite laid back and the music echoed this. Whereas in the East-coast (think New York) hip-hop and rap music was more lyrical with a lot of play on words and metaphors, upbeat tempos with deejays and MCs; the music in the East-coast had a focus on life on the city streets and exposure to crime and poverty. 

Even though there were many differences from the West and East-coast hip-hop scenes, life was still difficult in so many ways and rapping it out was one unified attempt at creating art out of chaos – across the board; new hip-hop artists are continuously paving pathways in honour of what was, Ryan Rinauro does just this by incorporating styles from the West-coast and East-coast and making it his own. 

Rinauro’s latest album, Lost Boy,  is available on multiple music streaming sites, including Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and Youtube Music. ‘Listen Clear’ and ‘My Side’ are two hit singles from the latest album and are already being streamed by thousands of listeners. ‘My Side’ is about loving and needing someone and not worrying what others will think, in a recent interview Rinauro explained that it’s about ‘owning up to your own feelings and being true to yourself’,  this song follows a slow, ambient, and melodious tempo, creating a contrast with Rinauro’s strong vocal tones and lyrics keeping the song steady all the way through. 

‘Listen Clear’ is more fast-paced in its rhythm with feisty lyrics and vocal tones, it’s about working hard, ‘hustling for a while’, writing music from a young age, a lot of money, and having a wife. This song has a playful and serious message and tone to it, about the rise to success and difficulties along the way. 

Ryan’s  founding record label, Dreaded Poet Culture, is referred to in his songs and spoken by a woman’s voice. Ryan then switched the label house name recently to 4THECULTURE / DPC Records, because everything musically he’s doing is for the culture and it sounded more fitting.  

Ryan Rinauro’s debut album is a new addition to the world of hip-hop, but one that is not going to be missed by all hip-hop fans. This is not just about the music, but it is also about self-expression and finding out who the person is after a long journey of hard work, as Ryan states in a recent interview, ‘Lost Boy is truly about me still finding myself’. As an extension of Ryan’s life and his artistry, this album is a beacon for any hip-hop fan going through life’s challenges and Lost Boy will certainly be this for aspiring artists, helping them find themselves too.    


Francisca Sequeira

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