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Sanctions against China is the only way to prevent a massacre in Hong Kong

China is massing it’s military on the border of Hong Kong, telling civilians that unless they quit, they will face an iron fist. The last time the world acted to prevent a massacre like this was in Libya, when the UN resolutely approved action. But is the West acting strong against the weak – and weak against the strong? Allowing China to continue with it’s gross human rights violations may be just that!

The supposed autonomy Hong Kong was promised, has completely fallen by the wayside. It has been turned gradually, from being a democracy, to being ruled with a communist dictatorship. How any western government can allow citizens to visit Hong Kong without strict travel warnings, is puzzling. There is a counter-revolution being orchestrated by China – and things are clearly about to get out of hand.


The Steve Bannon narrative and that of other foreign policy analysts concerning the US economy and China, is  strategically correct: The West has to act now to re-balance trade with China. Well, the same goes for human rights and China’s military muscle: if not checking it now, when else will be a more appropriate moment?

Contrarians favor the stock market and job market in the short-term, however China represents a long-term problem: It is moving aggressively into Africa – with military bases in Djibouti, causing havoc in the DRC and elsewhere.It already controls the media in South Africa: where the largest media owners in SA are given access into China, for reciprocal influence where information across Africa is heavily censored in favor of China. It has snapped up assets in Greece, where there is a strong communist and anti-west sentiment, actively undermining the global order and rule of law.

Altogether, the reasons for stopping China in it’s tracks are many: Human rights for the people of Hong Kong and neighboring countries – as well as to restore greater stability around the world, where a rising power with a terrible track record of human rights, is currently flexing it’s muscle.

It seems that sanctions is the only logical next step. The only problem? Right now the international community is rather dispersed given issues like Brexit – and French taxes against US technology giants. 


Rita Monteiro

Rita – After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Rita mostly covers business and Technology topics, but at times loves to write about reviews as well.
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