SAFE COMPANY, INC. has a new safety kit for, helping to protect families

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Today, SAFE COMPANY, INC., a US-centric company with an exclusive focus on delivering authentic safety products to fight the spread of COVID-19, has released a specially designed kit that will benefit its young users and potentially help ease the worries of many families across the country. CEO Eithn Waknin recently spoke of the need to educate the ‘youngest in our society’ and added that ‘this new product will make the whole business of protecting yourself from this virus a whole lot easier for many families throughout America’.

SAFE COMPANY, INC. Sympathizes With Parents Concerns

Many parents have understandable concerns that their children are going to return to school and will be surrendering some of the control we all desire when it comes to protecting our children. SAFE COMPANY, INC., however, might have some answers to those fears in the form of their new easy to identify kits, designed for families, with the emphasis on the word ‘easy’ as these kits are designed to make the whole process as simple as possible for young children and help encourage them to do the basic things to protect themselves and others from the virus.

Unusual Times

During these unusual times, many things have changed. Our definition of normal has changed and we have all been forced to adjust to help protect both ourselves and loved ones. Who would have thought just 6 months ago that this will be our new reality? People who have children will also know the difficulties of explaining what exactly this virus is, and most significantly why it is so important that they take precautions to prevent them either catching or spreading COVID-19. I don’t know about you but attempting to get a four-year-old and a six-year-old to wash their hands regularly has proven to be quite the challenge.

What Do We Know About SAFE COMPANY, INC.?

SAFE COMPANY, INC. is a company who have worked hard to gain their reputation. They have already helped thousands of people during this pandemic in the U.S as they provide a full range of PPE for all ages and are now with their latest products placing the emphasis on the young with the news that children will soon be returning to school. They sell a wide range of products on their website and I have already purchased one to help benefit me and my young family.

What Does Their CEO Say About Their Latest Kits?

Eithn Waknin, who I briefly mentioned earlier in the piece, is the CEO of SAFE COMPANY, INC. and he has spoken of this new initiative to help protect our young. ‘for anybody who has children or indeed works with children, this is a stressful time for all of us. We now know that our lives will now have to incorporate sending kids off to school with homework, lunches, and now a PPE kit. With kids, it’s most important to use disposable products because we do not want them to reuse these kits for the fear that during their busy social activity, they may have misplaced them and gotten them dirty with other things’. A stark new reality for all of us, but perhaps made more reassuring that companies like SAFE COMPANY, INC. are recognizing mine and other parents’ concerns!


‘For college students and faculties that are resuming campus-based-classes, we have kits for socializing, portable air purification devices as well as kits and more for the kids returning to education. We want our next generation to be healthy and protected when we aren’t around to watch over them and to be confident in the decisions we make to put products on them when they are relying on us as parents and caretakers to keep them safe’ Waknin added.

SAFE COMPANY, INC., Is This What We Have Been Looking For?

To conclude, In recent times we have been left with no choice but to adapt and accept the reality that COVID-19 has brought with it. Going forward we will have to do the same. SAFE COMPANY, INC. in my opinion should be applauded for recognizing the fear of many parents with young children and their latest kits are already being well received by the public. I spoke to a few people who I know have had a concern about sending their children back to school and after directing them to SAFE COMPANY, INC’s website they all said that they will feel a lot more relaxed about the situation if schools were to purchase these kits. Go to their store if you wish to find out more information. Thanks for reading and please, protect yourself at all times!


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