The Royal Goats Club (“RGC”) formally announces access to their Royal List via Premint.  Gaining access to RGC’s Royal List provides an early access ability to mint the upcoming NFT with future rewards.   RGC will also be launching an NFT Marketplace in Q2 of 2023 with features and interoperability that have yet to be integrated into current marketplaces.

RGC selected Premint as the royal scribe in order to bring an additional layer of trust to the community.  Per the PREMINT website, it “lets you define exactly who is able to join your list. Allow everyone, or set eligibility requirements. It’s all part of our effort to fill your list with real collectors, not bots.”

The Web3 NFT marketplace, The Royal Chest, will be user-friendly with a built-in authority score for each project/artist that will assist in showing transparency, authenticity, and accountability. Other majestic plans are being devised such as browsing and initiating cross-chain transactions without the need to wrap.

Early RGC NFT Holders will also be invited to a Royal Retreat in the Bahamas among other perks and utilities; you can find more details in the RGC discord or website.

“Our mission is to create an inclusive place where people feel like royalty and stay for the long term.long term place where everyone feels included and royal.  What better way to show our early supporters than through regal rewards and fun incentives?!” – RGC Marketing Director Devin Stigsell.

The Royal Goats Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs living on the ethereum blockchain. Founders of the project had a vision to create a better, more user friendly NFT Marketplace. Knowing it would take time, they then decided to use that development time to not only build a reputable brand, but also a tight knit community. Launching an NFT project was the chosen way to do this. The RGC team continues to build a brand and community based on five main pillars: Authenticity, Transparency, Value, Clarity and Traction.

RGC NFT holders will be granted utility incorporated with the new marketplace.

  • Holders will be airdropped tokens that will be accepted as minting currency on the Royal Chest NFT Marketplace.

  • Holders will have zero transaction fees.

  • Holders will have first access to all royal expansion ideas before the public. full commercial and intellectual property rights to the NFT goats that you own. Holders can use their RGC NFT for personal branding, derivative NFTs, merchandising, logo and much more

Future marketplace updates will be announced following the successful mint of the Royal Goats Club NFT. The RGC team continues to build a brand and community based on five main pillars: Authenticity, Transparency, Value, Clarity, and Traction. Currently, RGC is accepting entries for their Royal List providing early minting access for selected supporters.