Rock Hash — Cloud Mining Becomes the Preferred Choice for Individual Investors!

Cloud Mining Becomes the Preferred Choice for Individual Investors!

The year 2021 is quite unpredictable, with the strong hit of the third halving effect of BTC, taking the whole industry to experience the dark moment on 5.19 and 9.24. After two big cleanings, the development trend of the cryptocurrency industry is still in full swing. However, the essence of cryptocurrency is still financing, and the basic attribute of finance is naturally the coexistence of benefits and risks.

The crypto boom and bust in the first half of the year has really confused a lot of investors. It is difficult for usual investors to take control of the secondary market, and there is no doubt that mining is better than buying cryptocurrencies. But the pain point of digital currency mining is the high energy consumption, equipment investment, time investment, which make many investors cannot break even and form losses.

And the news about BTC mining leading to the shortage of global electricity resources has been heard. The Chinese government published a joint statement of ten departments to crack down on the cryptocurrency mining industry. Although the problem of energy consumption black hole has always existed, it still cannot prevent the trend that digital currency mining has become a high-quality choice for asset allocation on a global scale, it is also a channel for high returns.

But traditional digital currency mining, such as bitcoin, ethereum, is an asset-intensive field, miners need to buy ASIC. On the other hand, they also need to find a mine or build their own mines, paying power fee regularly, which requires huge investment.

Mining requires a certain level of proficiency, it needs to consider the compliance of mine electricity, find the right price of mine, even if not self-built mine, only to deploy ASIC, mine site scientific, ensure the stability of electricity load, mine construction standards and etc. Most of the individual investors are not familiar with the mining industry, and they have no professional knowledge about the location, selection of ASIC, how to build a mine, electricity selection, etc. In addition, mining requires a lot of capital investment, it is difficult for ordinary people to enter the field, even if the ASIC is hosted by a mine, but is also not always easy to find a safe and reliable mine. Cloud mining is just a perfect choice to solve the above problems, there are plenty of obvious advantages compared to traditional mining.

Cloud mining is the ultimate power of ASIC, divided into independent units. Users only need to buy a part of the hash power to start mining. In this way, users can not only avoid the various technical problems that may arise from their own mining but also save a lot of time and costs. Therefore, cloud mining is a way to enter the market with a lower investment cost.

In addition, for currency holders, mining costs are actually lower than buying cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum directly under certain conditions. After maintaining a certain mining cost, you just need to wait for your income.

Rock Hash — Cloud Mining Becomes the Preferred Choice for Individual Investors!

Rock Hash — The World’s Leading Hashrate Trading Service

With its rich mining experience and industry resources, Rock Hash provides hundreds of thousands of users around the world with one-stop integrated mining services, fundamentally reducing the difficulty of users participating in mining. Rock Hash invested in the operation and construction of a total of 7 large mines around the globe, owning tens of thousands of ASIC. Mine deployment area throughout Canada, the United States, Norway, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Singapore, and other places!

Rock Hash — Cloud Mining Becomes the Preferred Choice for Individual Investors!

In the future, the platform will continue to provide a first-class mining experience for global users and meet their personalized needs. Adjusting product strategy according to the change of crypto market in time, allows more people to enjoy simple, fast, safe, and assured investment leasing service and realize stable appreciation of assets, leading the industry ecology to a security and healthy development!

Rock Hash — Cloud Mining Becomes the Preferred Choice for Individual Investors!

Once Rock Hash launched, it has become a global concern and pursuit of individual and institutional investors, in order to better layout the global strategy, Rock Hash officially launched a series of preferential activities, not only giving away free power for new registration but also distributing extra airdrop rewards.

Miners who want to get early access to the rewards can head to the Rock Hash official site to learn more about the activities: