Rising Youtube star RakanTime just exceeded 2 million subscribers

The popular Youtube vlogger RakanTime never ceases to amaze his audience – both in the Middle East and United States. Better known for his hilarious videos that first started to go viral in the MENA region, he also has a new channel for US fans that is rapidly growing. We tracked him down on his Instagram page RakanTime. Shortly after he responded briefly to an email interview to help us gain an understanding of how he managed such extraordinary results in a short time, sharing some quick facts about his channels.

What video analytics say:

His highly engaging videos now amassed an excess of 2 million subscribers for his main Youtube channel RakanTime – with engagement statistics showing more than 150 million views. His second channel have just surpassed 150K subscribers and seems well on its way to catch up with his original brainchild, RakanTime. His biggest single hit? More than 5 million views for one video where he surprized his siblings with gifts.

What people love – and the type of videos he produces:

Going viral at a day and age where competition for eyeballs is somewhat fierce, requires talent, dedication and something that is truly worth sharing. Rakan seems to have the optimal blend of what is required. He is authentic and shares everyday events about his life – things people can relate to that forms an emotional connection with ample humour. Challenge videos and his popular Halloween series are also big with fans. It is indeed the combination of videos that he produces, as opposed to one single theme, that forms the basis for Rakans’ popularity. Going viral in the MENA region where there is a single language (Arabic) shared by some 313 million people also meant that brands were quick to reach out to Rakan. Since then, he also performed on stage and worked with some big companies – all adding to his momentum and popularity.

Since Rakan is also an avid world traveller – he envisages that future releases will very much revolve around touristic events (yes, this is a hint for Expedia, Booking.com and all those mega hotel chains!). He resides in the US, but since he was born in Saudi Arabia and is now one of the biggest influencers in the MENA region, there is no doubt that Rakan will also have significant appeal with luxury brands and other companies seeking to connect with new affluent clients that he is able to reach. That said: Rakan is rather down to earth, a really warm and genuine character – and that may explain why his content is so well loved around the world. Since local travel in the US is also on the cards – expect his American channel to grow rapidly and possibly eclipse his MENA channel once Americans help to spread the world into Europe and Latin America, as is typically the path that good content travels around the web.

“A crowd draws a crowd”:

The old saying that “a crowd draws a crowd” could not be more true as in the case of Rakan: He became popular due to highly viral and original content that people loved – but now it is running like a wild fire. Each time he performs for a big brand: the fusion between his own followers and that of the brands he works with, just keeps breaking new records. In fact now that he has reached a 2 million tipping point – it is clear that in the MENA market with a single language, there is plenty of room for growth and that reaching 5 million will be quicker and easier than it was to transition from 1 to 2 million.

Final scoop: What next for Rakan?

With viral Youtube videos there are many examples of vloggers who do exceedingly well. But let’s face it: you cannot fake funny: either the components that are required for virality are present, or they’re not. Ordinary people like Rakan delivers extraordinary results through authenticity and that special connection they form with the many. This is one of those explosive channels to watch closely for a future report.