Review of ‘Interview with the Antichrist’ movie

‘Interview with the Antichrist’ has an interesting plot, with it being that the Antichrist is having a live broadcast interview that is shown to 5 billion people around the world, during the final year of the Great Tribulation and revealing answers that have never been heard before. Actor Ego Mikitas will be playing the Antichrist in this highly anticipated film that will have a special screening for viewers on VOD (Video On Demand) starting the 21st December 2020.

The film has a true meaning that can be relatable to the neverending mysteries of this world, as well as global issues, since the Antichrist is asked all kinds of questions that indicate that. He is even asked questions about Netflix, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and media domination. It is as if the film is a symbolic indication about trends, types of media and historical events can be seen as ruses of distractions for our modern society. The director Tim Chey does believe that the Antichrist is among us and that Santa Claus and Rudolph are distractions of the true meaning of Christmas.

The faith that it will bring

With the film being set during the final year of the Great Tribulation, Tim Chey has cleverly hinted that the Great Lord will arrive to save the people, giving them the true salvation in Christ even in the very last days. It gives perspective that no matter how much people go through suffering, they should always have faith and hope to believe in.

It is a message that viewers can receive, showing that even if we have to face the true evil of the world, we can still fight and have redemption from the power of sin that can turn us into better people. There is also another message that is conveyed, showing that communities must stay strong together and not be spoon fed everything that is being portrayed differently; because the Antichrist disguises the truth.

The raw truth

Tim Chey wants to break down everything that may have a significant meaning in the fictional world for the film, including the churches. The interviewer doesn’t hold back from asking all kinds of questions, which can really shock the viewers with how the film turns out.

The Antichrist is known to be the world’s greatest evil and a great influencer that contributes towards tragic events that haunts the world and leaves a mark on it forever. With all kinds of questions being asked, it can really hit close to home and can bring out different emotions for the viewers, because it can actually make them think twice of what is really true and what is not.

Even though the film has been set as a live broadcast interview, the director originally wanted to set it as questioning in a courtroom, like a previous film  he’s made called ‘Suing the Devil’.

Final take: 

Many films are a true reflection of what represents the world and how people think. ‘Interview with the Antrichrist’ is a film that holds up a mirror for viewers to peek in, revealing the hidden truths that can be seen as a suggestion for change in society and to have hope that we can still hold on to. 

The film has a constant flow of metaphors that will make you question reality. Tim Chey has done a brilliant job in turning what we know as religious figures into real life personas and displaying everything that we have feared or believed in in a different light. 

This creative director is known to do this with his movies, which is an authentic theme that his fans love. He has also directed ‘Freedom’, ‘Gone’, ‘Final: The Rapture’ and ‘The Islands’. 

This film is ideal for viewers who love to emotionally connect with films and who are into different theories that can really make you question the philosophical perspective of life and mankind. It can even turn doubters into true believers, making you decide and re-think every decision that has been made for our society. It is a thrilling film to watch, that is a jaw-dropper, leaving you with more questions that you want to be answered.

‘Interview with the Antichrist’ will be released in theaters in September 2021.