Research And Development of 6G Tech: WIMI Stimulates 6G Technical Innovation

From the perspective of the development process of 5G, the role of the government, enterprises and research institutions seems to be working well. We need to make full use of the advantages of a super-large market and a complete industrial system, focus on enterprises, universities, research and application, strengthen international cooperation, and speed up 6G research and development.

6G networks are a new generation of future communication technologies, which will provide 10 to 100 times more performance improvements over 5G. In the 6G era, downloads will be faster, and 10 types of HD videos can be downloaded in one second. In other words, if the 2G network is like a bull cart, the 3G network is like a bicycle, the 4G network rk like a car, the 5G network is like a high-speed train, then the 6G network like is an airplane.

What Is 6G?

It not only has super-fast data transmission capability but also has more powerful connectivity and reliability. This technological revolution will change the way we use the Internet and mobile devices, and create more possibilities for areas like AI and the Internet of Things. In the future, you can enjoy seamless connection and ultimate experience anywhere.

In 2040, the global 6G market size exceeded $340 billion

6G has many key technologies, and the whole industry is currently exploring them. According to market research firm Market Research Future, the global 6G market will exceed $340 billion in 2040 and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 58.1%. It believes that China will be one of the largest 6G markets in the world and that China will also be an early adopter of 6G technology.

WIMI started the 6G-related technology innovation

According to the data, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), a benchmark enterprise, has been working in the 5G field for many years, enriching the application of 5G technology, and strengthening the innovation of “5G +” integrated application technology. At the same time, in the field of the new generation of information technology, with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other underlying core technologies as the traction, we will vigorously develop augmented reality and other integrated innovative technologies, tackle batches of underlying core technologies and support the expansion of characteristic industrial clusters.

In the current market background, the 6G field is also one of the key business areas of WIMI. The research on 6G technology is in the pre-planning and research stage, and WIMI continues to carry out the research and verification of the application of 6G converged communication technology. It is understood that WIMI uses a 6G high-speed broadband network to provide basic support, combined with its independent development of multi-dimensional holographic vision mapping technology, and the development of a 6G holographic spatial information system. The system can be applied in the fields, such as surveying and mapping, communication, computing, navigation, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and so on, for the construction of ubiquitous mobile communication networks in air, space, earth, and ocean.

It is worth noting that WIMI’s 6G holographic spatial information system connects not only people, but also spatial maps, autonomous vehicles, robotic agents, and computing resources. In virtual reality, with the low latency of 6G, users can interact spatially in an immersive environment in real-time. In terms of holographic remote presentation, 6G has enough bandwidth to digitally transmit geographic information to all human senses to provide an immersive remote experience.

Samsung: Expect 6G in 2028, enabling mobile holograms and digital twins |  VentureBeat

In the coming 6G era, WIMI combines artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies to realize the organic integration and multi-directional interaction between the physical world and the digital world. The scene established by the 6G holographic spatial information system uses precise display equipment and exquisite picture content to bring users a certain sense of visual impact. At the same time, it provides a true experience of virtual and real integration, and the geographic information can be accurately presented in a multi-dimensional holographic way without leaving home.

It can be said that, as a listed company in the US market, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is constantly improving its independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, accelerating the implementation of the beautiful vision of “virtual and real integration, extending time and space, face-to-face communication”, and striving to become a science and innovation enterprise with international influence.